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3 Ways To Have A Plastic-Free Period

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When I discovered that the majority of period products available on the market contain plastic I was shocked. I mean, I had been using these essential items since the age of 11/12 and never once had I wondered what they were made from, what was added to them or what chemicals they contained. Why would I? We are sold these products on adverts and in magazines, we are told we need them, we are shown a variety of disposable options and told over and over ‘This one is the best!’ What nobody ever told me was that there were other choices. More eco-friendly choices. Options with no waste, no monthly purchase, no chemicals or perfumes and no plastic. I found this all out at the age of 35 and not via the media or family or friends. It was from eco accounts on Instagram. If it could have done, my jaw would have hit the ground. I mean, for starters, how much have I spent on single-use period products in 23 years?

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