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Tips For Secondhand Shopping

Secondhand September is upon us and it is such a great time for us to shift our focus from buying everything brand new to thinking about what other options are available to us. In the past, I have been that snob. I have thought of secondhand items as not being good enough, not being luxurious enough and not being for me and I do believe that there was a lot of this mindset going around when I was growing up in the 90’s (coincidentally this was also the time when many of those so called “convenient” disposable items came to market too) but I have most definitely been converted and I am so, so glad to see a flurry of change coming with a lot more of us waking up to the damage that large corporations and fast fashion companies are causing to the planet in both pollution and greenhouse gases. Shopping secondhand is now seen as you being more environmentally friendly, as you being super savvy, it allows you to find one off pieces and to create unique collections inside your home. So, how do you go about shopping successfully in this way? Here are my tips for secondhand shopping…

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