Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Jewellery

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We are all witnessing the negative effects our actions have on our planet and the environment in general. But we can also all give our contribution, by taking care of what kind of food we produce and eat, what we wear and how conscientious we are about this. So, if you are against wearing fur, and you tend to buy clothes made of recycled, natural materials, choosing jewellery shouldn’t be different. Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to get some eco-friendly jewellery.


Buy some handmade jewellery

Start by supporting local producers, as the materials they use are of better quality and you can always check the sources of where their materials came from. Small industries and local producers believe that the most important thing is the finished good, while big manufacturers tend to produce as much as possible, which often means a bad quality as they use cheap and synthetic materials. By buying from local producers, you are making sure that you are not buying from producers that are using child labour and ensuring fair working hours and wages.  


Buy from the environmental-friendly companies

There is a rise of conscious customers, as well as manufacturers that are actively participating in eco-friendly activities. When buying jewellery, search online for those that take into consideration that their products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Usually, you can see on their websites whether a part of their income goes to some “green” organization, or if their products are made of recycled and sustainable materials. When looking for the right piece of jewellery, always look for that additional info on the site, and support the cause by buying from such manufacturers. 


Consider the packaging

It might sound strange, but the package of the jewellery you buy is as almost as important as the materials the jewellery is made of. If the package is made of plastic or some non-recyclable material, then buying eco-friendly jewellery doesn’t make much sense.  If your jewellery is packed in an organic cotton bag, or any other biodegradable material, that is a sign that you’re buying from the right producer. Some packages also have a hand-printed note that the bag or box is made of natural materials. Some producers encourage saving the original package and returning it for store credit, which is also a great way to inspire people to recycle more.


Recycled materials

If it’s possible, always check the source of the material the jewellery you are buying is made of, as many producers don’t take care of the environmental issues when extracting materials. Many gold mines dump their waste into water, mercury is extremely toxic and pollutes the environment, and forests are often sacrificed to make way for metal mines. It’s more than obvious how devastating all this is, so make sure that the jewellery you wear is made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Some producers also offer certificates that ensure that their jewellery is made of certified metals or other sustainable materials.


It’s not that hard to follow these tips to make our planet a better place for living, and for keeping the nature we depend on as intact as possible. So, next time you decide to treat yourself with a piece of nice jewellery, think of some things like who you are buying from, where, whether they are using recycled and sustainable materials. Nature will be grateful, you will help the good cause, and you will wear your jewellery proudly, knowing that you supported a good cause.

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