soft play balls with the words 5 things you can guarantee will happen at soft play

5 Things You Can Guarantee Will Happen At Soft Play

I haven’t written a soft play post for a bit (because I really do hate the places) but I did actually drag myself to one the other week to give William a bit of a treat as he usually has pretty dull days in comparison to what Jake used to have with me at that age (damn you school runs!)

However, as soon as I stepped in the door I regretted and here is why… Continue reading “5 Things You Can Guarantee Will Happen At Soft Play”

child in soft play ball pit

How to Survive Soft Play

If you are a parent there is one place which to you is hell on earth but to your child, it is the place of amazing fun that they beg you (quite often) to take them to… yes, it is soft play!

I was naive at first and if you are a new parent you most probably will be too. It was a safe environment where he could fall and not hurt himself, it was brightly coloured and offered a selection of activities to stimulate his mind. As he grew and learnt to walk I discovered my attitude changed from ‘awwww, look at him trying to pull himself up’ to ‘oh my god that child has knocked him over, oh my goodness why is no one stopping their child Continue reading “How to Survive Soft Play”