The Benefits of Owning a Car

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A car is a massive expense. If you don’t already drive, the costs of taking lessons and passing your test can run into the thousands. Then, even if you save money by buying a cheaper, second-hand car, there is insurance, tax and fuel to consider. As well as regular servicing and MOTs. It’s also worth remembering while buying a second-hand vehicle might save you money in the beginning. It’s likely to cost more in repairs and spare parts in the coming years.

But, for some families, this expense is essential. As a single young person, life without a car is no hardship. You are quite happy to take public transport, and not driving means that you are free to drink when you fancy it. But, as a family with young children life is different. Here are some of the benefits of owning a car.


It Might Not be That Costly

Yes, a car comes with costs. But, you can bring these down using and by looking after your vehicle and driving in a way that gives you the most fuel efficiency over time. You might even find that car ownership isn’t that much more expensive than using public transport. As your kids get older, they’ll need their own passes to ride on buses and trains. A family of four taking a longer than average trip on a train can be much more expensive than the fuel needed to drive the same distance.

Popping to town in the car also means that you can easily be home in time for lunch. If you rely on buses, you might find that you need to spend money on food while you are out.


It’s a Real Time Saver

Buses, trams and trains are fantastic. But, they’re not always fast. If you have to wait for a bus, and then its route takes you on many detours, you might find that a relatively short journey takes a long time. Driving can be much faster.


It’s Convenient

If you want to take the kids out in the winter without a car, you have to spend time making sure they are wrapped up warm. Then, you have to find a bag big enough for spare clothes, drinks and snacks and possibly nappies and other supplies, which you will have to carry around all day. You have to plan your journey, find change for the bus and then struggle to get a pram onto it.

If there’s a car in your driveway, you can just head out and go, without all of the planning and preparation.


It’s Helpful in an Emergency

Life throws up obstacles all of the time. Without a car, rushing home to help out or heading to the hospital can mean relying on taxis or on the help of others.


It’s a Great Place to Hide Christmas Gifts

When you are young, a car can give you freedom and independence like nothing else. When you are older, it will do the same. As a parent, freedom is hard to find, but a car does give you an extra place to hide things that you don’t want the kids to find.


*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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