The Best Ways to Beat Your Holiday Blues

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We’ve only been back from our family holiday abroad for a couple of days and I already feel as though we’ve been back ages. The bad weather that greeted us didn’t help, the reminder of having to find a new car as I looked at my battered Astra when we arrived home (sigh), the immediate start of washing and cleaning and thinking about routines coming back into play… urgh, take me back! And this is why I suffer badly with the holiday blues. It happens almost every time I come back, especially if the holiday has been extra special and it can take me a week or more to fully settle into being home again. 

I’ve been wondering if this is a very common feeling and how others come to term with being back in the world of reality and no longer sitting on a sandy beach soaking up the sun. So, I asked a few bloggers their thoughts and it seems that I am not alone. However, we put our heads together to provide some great tips on how to beat your holiday blues.

Clean your house before you go

The last thing you want to do once you are back is clean your house. Either give it a good spring clean before you leave or why not pay somebody to give it the once over whilst you are away? You will feel so much better if you can sit back and relax for a few more days.

Plan your holidays for the year

Beat your holiday blues by getting back and planning out your entire year of holidays! That way you will always have something else to look forward to. Create a travel bucket list then sit down at the start of the year to work out where you want to go, what countries or landmarks you want to see and get that calendar booked up!

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Unpack as soon as you return

Get it all over and done with. Don’t leave your cases lying around reminding you of that amazing holiday and longing for it again. Get those cases unpacked and the washing done asap so you won’t get a chance for those holiday blues to set in.

Have a good clear-out

Unpacking and washing your holiday clothes can be a good prompt for you to have a wardrobe blitz. Get rid of the old and plan a big shopping spree to bring in the new. It will take your mind off feeling blue and will make you feel so much more positive about being back.

Book the next trip

If you haven’t already booked up the year as I mentioned above, why not get back and look at where you could go next? Maybe just a weekend away in the UK if you can’t afford another full holiday? Check your emails because once you are home deals often come through from the website/agent you booked with.

Get back to work

It can really help to get straight back into your routine the very next day. Going into work will keep your mind busy but will allow you to tell all your colleagues about your amazing holiday and get those holiday snaps out.

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Keep busy

Don’t sit around the house pining for the sun and sand, get out and see your friends and family, go to those baby classes, arrange play dates and try to fill your days.

Look forward to big events

Big wedding coming up? Birthday parties to attend or arrange? Or is it nearly Christmas? Whatever the next big event is, throw yourself into it and enjoy yourself!

Plan something new just for you

Feeling down can often make you feel pretty crappy about yourself so why not plan something new in that is just for you? Maybe a treatment or a full spa day? A day away from the kiddies to relax and unwind or maybe jump into a new hobby? You will soon begin to beat your holiday blues.

spa day

Start some home projects

Fall in love with your home again and start some fun projects to update it. You could get some prints or a canvas made of your favourite holiday moments. Maybe redecorate a room or have a huge declutter. Distract your mind and enjoy being at home.

Write about your holiday

Obviously, as bloggers, this is a big thing that we all do throughout the year and for most of us, writing is very therapeutic. Getting our feelings put down on paper (or laptop!), organising our photos (obsessively- blogger trait!) and recording all the amazing things that happened during our holiday is almost like closing that chapter, but at the same time, allowing it to last forever.

Do you suffer from the holiday blues? Do you do anything differently to help to beat them?

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