To My Darling Boy…

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To my darling boy,

I am writing you this letter to say that I am sorry for upsetting you at times. I need you to know that I don’t mean to ruin your fun or game and that Mummy isn’t, in fact, a mean person; I am simply too caring and want the best for you. Here are examples of why I do what I do:

  • I tell you not to touch the oven as it is hot and you will burn yourself. I don’t mean to shout by the third time of you doing this, but it is Mummy feeling scared and trying to protect you. Please don’t mistake my panic for anger.


  • I hold your hand to cross the road to keep you safe from cars. I’m sorry it sometimes hurts when I squeeze your little hand a bit too tight, but I need to make you aware of dangers and teach you that roads are not for running around on.


  • I stop you going into the garden just in a top and nappy because you have had a cold all week and the weather isn’t quite warm enough yet. I know I am spoiling your fun, but I am trying to help you to get better and not end up with the flu.


  • I know I seem mean saying it is bedtime at 7 pm, but you are so little and you need your sleep to help you grow and be the best you can be. You will understand when you are bigger that I am doing it to be kind.


  • I am really, really sorry that I have to take you around the supermarket – believe me, I don’t like it either, but some jobs just need to be done. It’s how you get your yummy food to help you grow big and strong. I know you hate sitting in the trolley, but the quicker we get it done, the sooner we can go and do something much more fun!


  • I know it isn’t nice when I say we have to leave a fun place and go home, but you need to remember that Mummy has already been nice by taking you there in the first place. We can always visit again but what is best for you is to go home, have dinner and get to bed. You will learn this eventually.


So you see my darling boy, Mummy isn’t being mean at all. I am trying my hardest to make you the best little person you can be, whilst trying to also keep you alive!

Please forgive what seems strict, not fun or me being upset or angry. Deep down I love you so much, I care for you, I tend to your every need and I would do anything for you.



Mummy and boy


My darling boy, much Love your Mummy xxx


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