Top Autumn 2021 Dreamy Themes for Your Bedroom

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When gold, yellow, orange and red cascade around us, we know that autumn is well and truly underway. Arguably the most beautiful season, autumn is a carnival for the senses, and the colours are truly inspiring for interior design.

Your bedroom is a prime candidate for an autumn theme because autumn evokes memories of warmth, clear skies and fresh air. This article will explore the best dreamy autumn themes you can use in your bedroom to create something beautiful.  

Cinnamon and caramel brown paint

As delicious as they sound, we’re talking about paints here, not desserts!

Cinnamon and caramel brown are quintessential autumn colours. Yet, they are criminally overlooked in interior design, giving you an excellent opportunity to create an Autumn themed bedroom that’s as unique as you are.

peach bedroom

Pictured: Wonderfully Chic the integration of classic and contemporary styles – Sleepeezee Wool Deluxe 1200 Zip & Link. Available From Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

The colours you want on the RAL colour chart are RAL 080 70 30(cinnamon) and RAL 050 60 20 (caramel brown). Together, these colours create harmony and balance, or you can colour a few walls and leave the rest white for a beautiful contrast. 

Wooden bed frame

Nothing is better than a wooden bed frame when creating an autumn theme if you need a new bed. Wood is a natural, warm material that will last a lifetime when cared for, so it makes a good investment in every way.

The great thing about wood is you can paint it and use stencils, giving you unlimited creative opportunities to make it your own. 

There are two main types of wood used for beds: pine and oak. Pine is a natural material, while oak comes in hardwood and hardwood veneer. Wood veneer is cheaper, but the quality and robustness of hardwood and pine are hard to beat.

wooden bed frame

Pictured: Nordic Mill Shake Low Wooden Bed Frame, Available From Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

Chunky textures and weaves

With autumn bringing colder weather with it, you’ll reach for the comfort and warmth of your dressing gown and favourite jumper. Why not bring this comfort to your bedroom with chunky textures, upholsteries and weaves?

Our favourite product to achieve this look is a plain yarn rug with a woven design (the type that has deep texture). These rugs can be expensive, so a cheaper option is a straw rug with a non-slip backing so it stays in place.

white bed and white room

Pictured: Decorating with throw pillows and a yarn rug will finish off any look, plus they make your room feel a lot cosier.

Look for opportunities to add textures and weaves, like a knitted throw for your bed, velvet eyelet curtains and warmer (thicker) bed linen. 

Leaf decorations

Autumn is the season we associate with leaves, so choosing bed linen and wall art that depicts leaves and changing colours makes sense.

You can buy autumn leaf decorations from Amazon and many other places online, giving you a cheap, easy way to decorate your bedroom.

Ideas include draping an artificial hanging plant depicting the orange and red colours of autumn leaves above your bed and putting up autumn art in your bedroom. Anything that adds leaves to your bedroom is a winner for autumn.

Flowering plants

There are hundreds of house plants that flower in autumn. Our favourite is the Christmas Cactus, which flowers from late November to late January, producing a purple, red, orange, white, yellow or pink flower depending on the plant.

Another beautiful plant is the Kalanchoe, which is low-maintenance and produces tiny, colourful flowers that bloom for eight weeks.

stuffed teddy and flowers

Pictured: Kalanchoe in a Nursery, Few plants are as beautiful as Kalanchoe in full bloom, red, pink, yellow or white blossom.

The ultimate autumn feature wall

autumn image

Feature walls are all about emphasis, and there’s no better colour combination for an autumn theme than brown, red, orange, yellow and a hint of green.

The colours you want for autumn are subdued colours with modest highlights. Our recommendations above (RAL 080 70 30cinnamon and RAL 050 60 20 caramel brown) are a good foundation, but we can go further for a feature wall.

Here are the colours we recommend:

  • Brown – RAL 1001 (beige)
  • Red – RAL 3002 (carmine red)
  • Orange – RAL 2011 (Deep orange)
  • Yellow – RAL 1023 (golden yellow)
  • Green – RAL 6011 (reseda green)

When used together, these colours can depict the familiar scene of a deciduous tree with gold, orange, brown, and yellowing leaves.

Use stencils to create leaves and patterns on your feature wall or keep things simple with a gradient starting light at the bottom.

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