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With Summer creeping ever closer, it’s time once again to look around your home and make your plans for the annual spring clean. If you want to make the most of your home during the summer period, then now’s the time to prepare. The long winter months can create numerous issues that need to be tackled, but with a little planning, your spring clean doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. From your bathroom to your garden, kitchen to basement, if you’re hoping to have a summer of relaxing in comfort and style, then here are some great spring clean tips you can follow.


Paint the walls

One of the best ways to consider your spring clean is to look at it as a summer makeover. It is exactly the frame of mind that you need to be in, so the first item on your agenda needs to be the essential foundation. Your walls are a great place to start, and by doing a thorough assessment, you’ll be able to make notes on where the problems are. From cracked or peeling paintwork or wallpaper, to even simply a tired and outdated colour scheme, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. You should look at just how important colour can be when it comes to your living environment, and make use of research to optimise your mood and energy levels. Don’t go for damage control when you could go for full rejuvenation.


Refresh your basics

Between the rain and the snow, the weather in the winter months can be very damaging to your property. That’s why it’s essential that you take the time to address any issues that may have occurred in the coldest time of the year. With spring here, you now have the perfect opportunity to fix those leaking gutters and address any leaking pipes in the home. You may find that a leak caused by the cold has affected the walls or the carpet, and failing to tackle these issues can end up costing you, in terms of money and long-term health. Mould build-up can ruin your summer, with its smell and the fact that it is very unsightly. The good news is that even in serious cases, it’s simple to find out how to get mildew smell out of carpet, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to solve any problems. The worst thing that you can do in the case of damp is to ignore the issue.


 Transform your storage

We waste a lot of space on storing the extraneous, so use your spring clean to make that most frightening of changes: decluttering. There’s no need to go full-on minimalist, and you obviously don’t need to throw away valued possessions simply due to space. Often, the key to decluttering is to rethink your storage use and even simple strategies such as buying new washing baskets to avoid the temptation of clothes being thrown on the floor after a long day can help organise your life. You may even find that you’re suddenly much more aware of the clothes that you no longer wear, and having a rebooted wardrobe is also another fantastic way to kick off the summer.


Clean out the oven

Your oven should be clean and ready to use at all times. It’s the focal point of your kitchen and the foundation of the recipes that you make for yourself and those around you. You won’t be aiding your culinary creativity if your kitchen smells of old food and burnt remains in the oven! Before you head to the shops to buy expensive oven cleaning chemicals, remember that bicarbonate of soda can be used for a huge number of things in the home, but is especially useful and effective when it comes to cleaning the oven. You won’t need to exhaust yourself if you do a little planning and use a bit of bicarbonate of soda to kickstart your cleaning efforts and refresh your creative kitchen space.


Refresh your bathroom

Then there’s the bathroom, and if it’s not as clean as you’d like, then it’s vital that you give it some TLC. Whether you have a bath or a shower, giving your bathroom a spring clean isn’t as challenging as you might have expected, and the best tip in the world is to make use of white vinegar. Cheap to buy, white vinegar can work wonders in the bathroom and is a far superior cleaning tool than most of the expensive brand name cleaners on the market. A simple diluted solution in a spray bottle can be sprayed on every surface, and what’s left can be poured into a bag and hung over the shower head or taps. In the morning, simply wipe the liquid off with a clean cloth and you’ll find that there’s a reason why vinegar is such a popular option, even for professionals. Due to its ability to removes stains and even clear limescale, white vinegar should always be on hand before you start your spring clean. Remember to wear gloves and ensure adequate ventilation.


If you get your planning right, you could be done with your spring clean in a very short amount of time. That leaves you free to enjoy the summer months in a much more pleasant and stress-free home. Do you have any more spring clean tips for us? Why not leave them in the comments below?


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