What Order Do Babies Teeth Come Through?

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What order do babies teeth come through?

This is probably one of the main questions that parents ask in parenting advice groups, just behind what age do they start teething? Is my baby teething yet? And what on earth can I give them to help?!

The answer is that babies’ teeth can come through at any age and actually in any order. Of course, there are guidelines as there are with all aspects of growth and development but these are purely based on averages and you should all know by now that I love to tell you that all babies are different, so yep, there will be variants when it comes to teething like with anything.

Some babies may be born with teeth whereas other babies may be over the age of 1 before that first tooth pops through. But don’t forget that teething symptoms can go on for quite a while before a tooth finally makes an appearance so you can say your baby is teething from the first moment they begin to gnaw and dribble and become agitated etc.

Right, onto the order that babies teeth come through. To help with this I have this handy image:

temporary teeth chart

This is the approximate age and the ‘usual’ order in which your baby’s teeth will appear. Most babies will show signs of teething in the first 3-4 months and the first tooth usually erupts at around 6 months, which of course nicely coincides with weaning. Sometimes they get 1 at a time but there may be some poor little mites who get pairs at a time.

As you can see from the image you will expect the bottom two incisors to cut first, then the top two, followed by the lateral incisors on the top and a further 2 on the bottom. The pre-molars tend to come through next which will leave a gap for a while because for some reason the canines come a bit later. Then finally, it’s the biggies, the molars. Most children will have a full set of 20 milk teeth by the age of 3.

And if you are interested, this image shows how each tooth is made up:

structure of the tooth

However, nothing is set in stone and you may find that your little one’s teeth come through in a slightly different order. The reason I am saying this now is because after having a difficult night with William, I have just looked inside his mouth and discovered a pre-molar has cut through the gum whilst his lateral incisor is also cutting! No wonder he’s been grisly, poor little guy. Now I am left wondering what teeth will decide to come next, perhaps he’s going to jump to the rest of the pre-molars before his bottom incisors? Who knows? It’s just a case of waiting and watching and reacting to his symptoms and signs that something is rumbling under his gums and helping him the best way I know how.

I have plenty of other articles relating to teething but I just wanted to touch on this topic to reassure anybody who may be worried about the order in which their baby’s teeth are erupting. Use the image provided as a rough guide but as long as your baby’s teeth are coming through looking healthy and in the correct position, there isn’t anything to worry about.

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What order did your baby’s teeth come through? Did each baby differ?

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