Why is Luvanto the Good Choice for a Floor?

a gorgeous vinyl floor in an open living and dining area
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What we really want when we install flooring into our home is to make an impression, and a lot of the time it is to make a statement. It’s the main reason that many of us buy replicable items such as art and other similar items that double for the real thing. The same goes for vinyl flooring.

Vinyl planks and tiles, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, are bought and installed to present the appearance of the real thing, which is typically a vastly expensive option to have installed for real. We want the look of real woods or stone or slate throughout the house but we don’t necessarily have the budget, so we find the most replicable product which will replicate this. But we have a little secret – Vinyl flooring is a much better product than the real thing.

Versatile Vinyl

We are not telling tales out of school, but we have an important lesson to learn here. Vinyl is a product that is often thought of as being limited to flimsy sheets but times have changed as have materials and manufacturing techniques. Vinyl has been undergoing many different research and development trends to become much more than that grandmother’s home kitchen lino you had to walk over. Over the decades it has gone on to perfectly replicate several flooring designs to encompass every amazing flooring option you could imagine for the home. Gone is the horrible looking tacky product and hello beautiful.

a dog laying on a rug on the flooring next to his owner


Now you can choose between a variety of styles such as sheet, tile or plank.

Sheeting is that classic linoleum look but with extensive manufactured improvements, Tile if you prefer that chequerboard or mimic of light or hardwoods, and of course there are planks that resemble hardwood that can be clicked together.


Depending on the type of finish you choose from Luvanto Endure Pro to Luvanto Click luxury vinyl flooring, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

luvanto floor being cleaned with a mop

As vinyl contains no wax coating (and should avoid any wax cleaning products) it can be cleaned by a simple wipe, and an occasional mop and sweep with a brush. The protective qualities against stains, scratches and scuffs means that you have a product that takes care of itself as long as you dedicate a tiny bit of attention to it in keeping it strong.

Is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring a good choice for your home? The answer is yes, it may be among the better options in terms of long-lasting flooring for busy households.

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