Why, Why, Whhhhhhyyyy?!

why oh why? questions from kids

Yes, you have guessed it from the title, we have hit the ‘why’ stage and hit it hard. I am going slightly stir crazy this week and being asked what has felt like a million questions is precisely why. How do these stages just suddenly appear? I swear these kids are given a handbook before they pop out of the womb which gives them timings for when each stage is meant to hit– Age 1 get into every cupboard, destroy all you can, pull apart the sanitary towels and look cute doing it. 18 months-2years ease gently into the terrible two’s and then BAM! hit your parent hard with tantrums and strops. Age 3 begin to ask more and more questions until one day you decide to ask why to every damn instruction given and slowly watch your parent go mad!

I wouldn’t mind if it was every now and then or if it was just for the important questions but I have found myself sounding just like my own Mum by answering the mundane questions with ‘because I said so!’ It is true that we all slowly but surely evolve into every parent that has come before us. We spend so much time worrying if we are good parents when there is no need to, we are all the same in the end! By the time our kids have worn us down, have ruined our homes, ruined our bodies and have questioned everything possible thing in life we are finally moulded and are officially stereotypical parents coming out with the oldest phrases in the book.

I have so far been asked this week:

‘why is that car there?’- on the road driving… errrrr coz it is?!

‘why have we stopped?’ -in the car at traffic lights which he clearly knows as he always tells me to stop when it’s red and we go through these same traffic lights almost every day!

‘why’ to stop doing that, don’t run across the road, put that down, don’t do that, please don’t break that, watch out for the dog, get in the car, you’ve got pre-school, you can’t stay home today, we aren’t going out right now, shall we make a cake?

‘why do people have babies?’- followed by how do they get in there… surely he’s too young to be asking me this?!

And most why’s which are answered are then followed by a where or how or, worst of all, him repeating exactly what I have said. It’s like having an annoying parrot that you can’t just shut away in a cage… can I? Noooooo, I really wouldn’t!

I am beginning to miss the days when he couldn’t speak! And does anyone else find it embarrassing when you are in a shop and they are asking you why in front of lots of other people? Sometimes you just feel like you have a rude child who butt’s in whenever he wants but then as soon as you begin to lose your shit juuust a little bit you end up looking like a meany who has no patience for your inquisitive child who is just learning about the big wide world… I feel like I can’t win! Or perhaps it is all in my baby brain which has never recovered and is now being battered on a daily basis with the endless why’s?!


Please, someone, reassure me that they get bored of this relentless questioning and give up soon? I cannot cope with more of this why stage. If not can I lend him to you until he grows out of it?! Honestly, he’s very cute he just talks a lot and still hates sleep but don’t let that put you off!

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