3 Beautiful Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One

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Losing someone special is never easy. These three ways of remembering them should bring you comfort on the worst days.

When you lose a loved one, the world is never quite the same as it was before. Mainly because the world keeps turning even though they are no longer part of it. People wake up and go to work, fall in love, and have children, and it all happens without them. It’s difficult to move beyond this stage. When you finally decide you are strong enough to move forward, these three ways of remembering your special someone might help.

3 Wonderful Ways to Remember Someone Special

The initial loss is just the beginning. Grief is like the waves of an ocean. At first it drowns you but then it recedes. It never quite goes away though. You never know when the tide will come back in. When it does, these three ways of coping with grief might help.

1 – Jewelry that Contains Ashes

Holding the memory of a loved one close to your heart is easier when you have beautifully crafted jewelry to wear. Nowadays you can capture your loved one inside jewelry and take them with you, wherever you go. There are many diverse types of cremation jewelry. You can choose from a small capsule around your neck, having your loved one’s remains interred in resin, or going full-force and pressing their ashes into a diamond.

Putting your loved one’s ashes into jewelry allows us to hold on to the physical, and not just the memories. It gives us something tangible to hold when we think about them. It makes us feel that at least part of them didn’t leave. Sad as that may seem, it is a comfort during the worst times.

2 – Plant a Tree

Planting a tree for a lost loved one allows you to create a life in place of the one you lost. The tree is as symbolic as a gravestone. It is somewhere you can visit to have conversations with them. You can watch it grow and know that for every year that passes, your tree gains strength. It becomes brilliant. The tree will even be there after you are gone, so your memorial can live on.

Our advice is that you plant the tree with a dedication plaque. Nobody cuts down trees that have plaques. Choosing a location like a local park also ensures your tree will be safe for years to come. You can even have your loved one’s ashes buried with a tree sapling so that the tree grows from them. It’s an eco-friendlier way of burying the dead.

3 – Pick up their Charities

If your loved one had a particular charity that they supported, you can allot a portion of their estate to that charity. Alternatively, you can patron the charity yourself later in life. Support them by offering your time, giving donations, or throwing events on their behalf. If they didn’t have a charity, consider the charities who helped them in their last moments. These are the organizations that deserve your future help.

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