4 Tips on Skin Maintenance for New Mums

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New mothers, after pregnancy, have to undertake several obligations that can exhaust them. The constant care of the baby and the housework can exhaust any mother. All this exhaustion leads new mothers to put aside their own grooming and aesthetics. One might say that a young mother’s priorities change after pregnancy, but that should not mean that they are completely excluded from their own personal care and treatment.

In such a stressful period – that of post-pregnancy – a young mother’s skin and face can receive a very significant blow. But this blow can be treated with daily care and various vital actions during the day that do not require much time from them. Here are some essential tips to help new mothers maintain the radiance of their skin.

Special care adapted to the skin type of a new mother

As you probably know, different types of skin have different care needs. As you understand it, dry skin will need more moisturising products, while oily skin will need care products that effectively take care of skin with a high amount of oil. Choosing a particular line of products specifically for your skin type will have immediate effects on both your appearance and skin protection. Cellulite is one of the most common problems for new moms, and you may want to consider adding anti-cellulite creams to your body skincare routine. These creams can help reduce the appearance of cellulite in the most affected areas of the postpartum body, such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. For more information read how to get rid of the cellulite dimples on the buttocks in this article.

Pay special attention to sensitive areas

In some parts of the face (eye contour, lips, etc.) the skin is extremely thin and sensitive. These specific sensitive points need special care, especially the outline of the eyes and lips. These parts of your face are more sensitive and require special attention. Remember that the care of your sensitive skin begins with the removal of makeup. To avoid straining the skin and respecting its natural balance, be sure to use a neutral pH makeup remover lotion specifically designed to cleanse your skin gently.

Your hydration is also vital

The lower part of your skin is 70% water, while the skin is 15%. In order for the skin to remain adequately hydrated, it is crucial to choose moisturizing daily care products that balance the water levels in it. You can also regularly use a moisturizing mask, removing excess product with the help of a thermal water spray. To also avoid the risk of allergies due to the use of products unsuitable for your skin, choose hypoallergenic makeup specially designed to meet the needs of all skin types and eyes, even the sensitive ones.

Protect your skin from the sun

Regardless of the season, choose daily skincare products that contain sunscreens, which reduce the harmful effects of the sun that accelerate its ageing. Also, please pay attention to the various external influences, such as pollution, smoke and even stress, cause all have harmful effects on your skin and appearance. Use care products that protect against all the daily effects before leaving the house and cleaning your skin very well when you return home.

When it comes to your skincare, of course, we can not fail to mention the quality of the care products you should use. The reliability and effectiveness of these care products will significantly affect your skin’s final look, so you should turn to the market for branded and reliable products. Products that you can get in online stores, such as that of Foto Pharmacy, which offers you all women’s care products at fantastic and advantageous prices.

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