7 Ways To Improve Your Lockdown Skin

beeutiful skincare products on the sink

I don’t know about you but my skin during this last lockdown has really suffered. I think with it being during the winter months, being stuck indoors with the heating on and most of us feeling a lot lower, and with little motivation to take care of ourselves has all been a contributor and we are now emerging from it with spot outbreaks, dry patches, a lacklustre complexion and feeling pretty rubbish about it all. So, what can we do to help it? Here are my 7 ways that should improve your lockdown skin.

Drink More Water

It’s a pretty obvious one, we all know we are supposed to drink plenty of water but how many of us actually do this? I’d say that my main drink during lockdown has been tea. It’s kept me going during homeschooling, it’s helped me to stay awake, it’s comforting when you are feeling a bit low and I find that when I am home more, I reach for it more. The only way I manage to increase my water intake is by keeping a water bottle on me. My stainless steel reusable bottles are great because they keep the water colder than a glass will which makes drinking it more enjoyable. So, make sure that the first thing you are reaching for in the morning is water and keep topping up throughout the day in order to keep hydrated and to flush those toxins away.

Fresh Air

Now that the weather is trying to warm up, we can turn that heating off and get outside a little bit more. If you can choose to go make-up free, even better. Just add an SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays and allow it to breathe for a while.


Exercise in any form can have such a positive impact on your body both mentally and physically and this includes your skin. By getting the heart rate up you will be improving blood circulation which can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. This keeps it healthy, promotes collagen production as well as new skin cells which help to give your skin a lovely natural glow and can also aid in anti-ageing. Time to get moving!

Introduce A Good Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is essential but if like me, you let it all go out the window throughout lockdown then now is the time to get back into it. I personally use a natural, cruelty-free brand called Beeutiful because their products work wonders for my skin tone and my spot problem. I use the Beeutiful Vanilla and Geranium Cleansing Balm every morning and evening to really clean my skin deep down. This replaces makeup remover and other facial cleansers so it also helps to reduce the products you need to buy as well as your plastic waste. You simply massage into your dry skin using your fingertips and allow it to break down the dirt, grime and makeup from the day. You then wipe it all away using either their muslin or flannel. Beeutiful describes this product as “a soothing indulgent cleanser with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties whilst also providing long-lasting hydration” and I can wholeheartedly agree.

Beeutiful Geranium Cleansing Balm with the lid off

Once my skin is cleansed, I use the B-Rose Grapefruit Hydrating Mist which is designed to cool, soothe and protect your skin. As with the cleansing balm, this mist has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & naturally anti-ageing properties. And finally, I give my skin some additional moisture with the B-Rose Facial Balm. This is a luxurious blend of specially selected Jojoba, Rosehip & Macadamia oils which are combined within a beeswax base and a delicate Rose Absolute to refresh, regenerate & tone your skin.

the beeutiful products sat together on a sink

If I have any large, painful spots, flaky or dry patches I will apply the wonderful B-Balm which combines the antiseptic properties of tea tree and lavender with the healing abilities of honey, St John’s Wort and calendula making it the perfect all-round healing balm for a wide variety of skin issues.

As they are all from the same company, they complement each other beautifully (or Beeutifully) and they leave my skin feeling incredibly refreshed, nourished and moisturised.

Serum or Oil

When my skin is feeling very dry, dull and in need of an extra boost, I will use a serum or oil before I go to bed. This will get to work as you sleep and you will wake up with smoother, moisturised skin. A particular favourite of mine is the Marigold Oil by Orsu which I previously reviewed here. I simply pipette a little onto the areas I need to focus on (eye lines are a big focus right now!) and then gently rub it in with my fingertips.

the oil pipette


Make sure that you find some time just for you. I am sure that like many of us, you have put yourself last during this last year and the stresses and strains will not only have taken their toll on your mental health but also on your skin (as well as your hair, nails, energy levels and so on). Try to incorporate some home pamper sessions and allow yourself to see to your own needs. By performing mini home facials you will not only feel more relaxed, you will also be helping your skin to recover. You should look for a face mask that will be gentle, nourishing and non-irritating to your skin type or you could even make your own by using simple ingredients such as chamomile tea, avocado, coconut oil as you will see in this article here.


Ok, hand’s up if you have been staying up far too late binge-watching some amazing shows on Netflix… Yep, me too. And these late nights have most definitely taken their toll. Lack of sleep leads to eye bags, dull skin, pale skin and you don’t get those hours required to repair and rejuvenate it. By getting back into a good routine of going to bed at a decent hour, you will start to see the benefits pretty quickly and on top of this, you will feel so much better for it.

Now is the time to give yourself a little break, to focus on your own wellbeing and to recover from what the last year has brought. It’s been a trying time for a lot of us but it isn’t too late to make a few changes in order to improve your lockdown skin and get it back to its usual glowing self.

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