5 Convincing Signs that Indicate Your Home Needs Electrical Work

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Today, our society is heavily reliant on electricity. With technology constantly evolving and reshaping how we go about our daily lives, the need for electricity is now stronger than ever! However, this does not come without its issues.

Being heavily reliant on electricity means that any issue that disrupts the energy supply might just put our entire days on hold. Electrical malfunctions are tricky and may pose a bigger threat than they may seem at first sight.

While there are common factors to consider, such as how old your house is and if you’ve upgraded to the latest fixtures, some signs may not be so easy to interpret. Let’s look at five reasons your home needs electrical work

1. Your Lights are Getting Dimmer

One of the most common electrical issues is that your lights are getting dimmer or have started flickering constantly. While this may seem like a simple issue, with a simple fix of just replacing the bulb, if the problem still persists, then there’s a high chance that there is a bigger underlying issue!

The culprit here may just be the house’s circuit breaker. Chances are, there is too much energy running into your circuit breaker, which has caused it to overload. This eventually leads to your bulbs getting dimmer or starting to flicker.

While such issues do arise due to normal electrical amp changes, there is also a chance that the house has bad wiring installed or that the breaker might have broken.

Hence, with a high chances of major issues present, it’s time to call in professional electricians to get the job done!

From an electrical contractor in St Louis, MO, to another in any other state, professional contractors will do a great job of identifying all issues present while working on the best solutions to leave your home safe and sound

2. You Hear Buzzing Inside Walls

Another reason your home needs electrical work is if you can hear noises inside the walls. While an insect infestation may be to blame for the noise, the real culprit is usually defective wiring. You can differentiate between insects and faulty wiring making noise based on when the sound plays.

If you hear the sound right after switching on anything connected to the house’s electrical system, then chances are the problem is, in fact, power-related. It’s critical that such concerns are addressed right away.

A loose wire or broken circuit could produce more than just noises. Fires begin with small sparks, and you might not notice an electrical fire until it erupts and starts burning down your house!

3. You Notice Sparks and Shocks

Next on this list of reasons your home needs electrical work is when you start noticing electric sparks. With how much we rely on technology, we find ourselves plugging different things into outlets, such as chargers. We control the lights and other appliances around the house with switches.

If you notice sudden sparks flying out or get a minor electric shock when you plug something in and turn on the switch, then this is a strong indication that you should hire a professional electrician for some home maintenance work immediately!

Electricity is meant to flow smoothly into your home and to the devices you connect, ensuring that both you and your devices are safe.

Shocks and sparks may be linked to the device you’re using, and if you replace the device, for example, a mobile charger, then there’s probably nothing wrong with your electrical system.

Such instances are mostly minor issues requiring little time for experts to finish. However, if you notice sparks and get shocked all around the house, and not in a specific place, then it’s probably something more serious that would require much more attention to fix.

4. Outdated Outlets and Equipment

If your electrical hardware is outdated, this is a major problem. Outdated outlets are common causes of electric shocks and may even spark a fire if left unchecked.

Modern outlets are much safer and also offer more utility. Even if you are on a tight budget, you should never compromise on safety!

Outlets used to have two prongs and weren’t grounded, meaning they were prone to get messed up in case of a power surge. The damage could be as small as just a plugged-in device and as big as the entire house.

Hence, three-prong outlets are a must! Consult a professional to get some renovations done as soon as possible.

5. Lights Stop Working and Frayed Looking Wires

If there’s any switch that does nothing upon flipping it on, and you’ve already replaced the lights, then chances are there is something wrong with it. The culprit behind these faulty switches is often the wiring.

Wiring can be damaged without you noticing as some wires are inside walls and near pipes and other things that might deteriorate them over time.

Furthermore, if you notice wires that are visibly damaged, then don’t even consider a DIY fix and call in the experts as such wires are prone to cause large electrical fires at any time!

Remember, electrical work is not for DIY; it needs to be handled by a professional because you won’t just be risking the appliances and outlets but also your own life.


You can never be too safe and cautious, especially when it concerns the safety of your home and your loved ones.

While fixing small issues such as a bulb change requires little to no expertise, leaving the complex stuff to the experts is highly recommended for a proper fix to your problems. Even if it may feel a bit expensive, the investment will pay off in the future!

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