5 DIY Jobs Best Left To The Professionals

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You might rock that hat, but you do know what you’re doing, don’t you?  

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? You may be a pro at changing the lightbulb, and your skills at upcycling your furniture may be second-to-none. Still, there are jobs that you probably shouldn’t take on unless you have the training and qualifications under your belt. So, for your safety and that of everybody in your home, these are the DIY jobs you should probably leave to the professionals.

Dealing with the plumbing

There are simple DIY jobs you can take on yourself. Unblocking the sink, for example, is relatively straightforward, as you can easily make your own or buy products in the local supermarket that will do the job for you. Unclogging your loo isn’t too difficult, either. However, considering the network of pipes running through and around your home, you don’t want to take on more intensive work as you may spring a leak, causing structural damage, damp, and mould around your property. Get a plumber in and leave the technical DIY jobs to the professionals!

Changing the electrics

Changing a fuse in your plug is one thing, but messing with wiring or circuit boards is a big no-no. Not only do you run the risk of an electric shock or fire when installing or removing wiring, but you may be breaking building codes too. Electricians go through years of training, and they know what is safe and what isn’t. Chances are, you don’t, so if you don’t want to hurt yourself, or at the very least, be without power for the night so better to call a professional after surveying prices for electrical work.

Working on the roofing

A few loose shingles on your roof may be easy to replace (assuming you don’t have vertigo), but replacing a roof yourself probably isn’t within your remit. Professional roofers have the right tools for the job and have safety harnesses which protect them when working at great heights. This goes as far as replacing your conservatory roof, too. Here is a great guide to this kind of thing, as you are liable to cause an accident and problems to your home comfort if you make any catastrophic mistakes.

Knocking down internal walls

Knockdown any walls outside your home, by all means, but when it comes to the inside of your home, you may create some dangerous problems. You need to consider the home’s structure for starters, as you may end up in a pile of bricks and mortar if you loosen your home’s supports. Many walls also contain plumbing and electrics, leading to other issues around your home. No matter what your reason for knocking down an internal wall, always consult a structural engineer, and seek permission from the local council if you are thinking about home renovations. A local builder will understand regulations, so despite your passion for creating holes in things, let the professionals have the hammer and hand this DIY job over to them!

Installing gas appliances

No matter what appliance you have bought, be it an oven, water heater, or central heating system, always call out a qualified professional to do the job for you. Everything needs to be fitted correctly, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you are liable to cause a gas leak and possibly spark an explosion. Of course, gas is toxic too, so everybody’s health is in danger if the problem goes unnoticed. While you can still test for gas leaks yourself, your family’s safety is paramount, so bring in the pro.


They are just some of the DIY jobs we think the professionals are best suited for. There are probably others, so when in doubt and you don’t feel 100% confident in something, pick up the phone or go online and find somebody who can do the job for you. Despite the expense, it will be worth it, for you and your home.

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