5 Signs You Need to Start Wearing Glasses

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Are you sure your eyes are working flawlessly? This question is asked because a lot of people fail to recognise, they have a problem with their vision. They may have never worn glasses and feel they can see everything clearly, but don’t pick up on the gradual decline in their vision.

Yet there’s a reason why more than 60% of people in the UK wear glasses. As people grow older, their vision naturally starts to weaken. So even if you haven’t noticed the change – or you want to avoid it – it’s likely your eyes are not in the same shape they were when you were younger.

If your eyesight does need correcting in some way, there are at least several clues which let you know the reality. So with that said, here are five signs you need to start wearing glasses.

1. The struggle to see up close

Are you finding it a challenge to read texts on your smartphone? Maybe that book you’re reading is noticeably blurry? If you’re struggling to read or see other items up close, this could be a sign you’re farsighted.

In this case, a specialist like Island Eyecare would recommend the use of progressive lenses. These lenses gradually change from point to point, supplying a comfortable view for objects which are near, far, and everything in between.

2. The struggle to see at a distance

While you might be able to see objects up close, it could be a different story when it comes to looking at a distance. This could suggest you’re myopic, also known as near-sighted. Myopia is particularly common in youngsters and young adults.

If you suffer from this form of impaired vision, high-index lenses are advised.

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3. Squinting and suffering from headaches

There are a few reasons why you should squint in day-to-day life. One such situation is if the sun is unusually bright, you’re driving around in your car, and it shines through your windscreen. While squinting might enhance your eyes’ focus briefly, it can also be taxing for your eyes and the muscles which surround them. This can ultimately cause regular headaches.

If you work at a computer on an extended basis and find yourself squinting at the screen, this could even be causing computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain. Blue light glasses or computer glasses can reduce the need to squint.

4. Blurred vision

If your vision is blurry, particularly at night, this is a sign you may need more than just a pair of glasses. While it can suggest you have aforementioned myopia, it may also point towards more serious conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. As a result, you should visit a specialist as soon as possible for an eye evaluation.

5. Losing where you’re at when reading

Has reading a book become slightly more challenging recently? Are you sometimes losing your spot when using your finger, and even skipping lines out by accident? If so, this could hint at issues like lazy eye, astigmatism, and strabismus.

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