7 Foolproof Tips To Shoot Incredible Travel Videos For Social Media

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Whether you are an aspiring social media influencer or just love sharing bits of your life with family and friends, you should master the art and science of creating videos. Avid travelers need to go the extra mile to make beautiful memories of their trips for social media sharing. After all, visuals can go a long way in hooking the followers and making them stick with your account. But you require more than creativity and top-grade equipment to shoot videos.

In fact, you can skip spending a fortune on expensive equipment yet make great ones. The good thing is that creating polished, impressive clips is easier than you imagine. You only need to pay attention to a few key details to capture perfect vacation moments with your phone or camera. Here are a few foolproof tips for shooting incredible travel videos for social media.

Pick clean backgrounds

Experts recommend being mindful about the backgrounds you pick for filming because a messy or distracting one can ruin the clip. You may need some practice for background selection, but you can ace the skill sooner than later with some attention. You may even find a few ideal backgrounds in your hotel room to take perfect shots without the hard work. Look for a solid-colored background as it sets the stage for clear shots. Ensure to keep your subject several feet away from it to avoid casting shadows. Also, avoid windows and reflective surfaces in the backdrop as they may catch the camera in the reflection. Moreover, a light source behind the subject can make it appear dark and shadowy.

Use plenty of light

Good lighting can elevate the quality of videos, so it should be a priority during filming. The sun makes an excellent light source. Morning and evening are good times to get outdoor footage if filming in natural light because it tends to be softer and more flattering. Conversely, midday light comes from straight overhead and may cast harsh shadows. Finding a shady area is an option for midday filming as it ensures softer light. For indoor filming, you need to choose the types and placement of lights wisely. Avoid overhead lighting because it may cast unflattering shadows on the subjects. You may use a large lamp as your light source.

Ensure steadiness

Shaky footage is the last thing you need for your social media videos because it looks distracting. Such videos can hardly hold attention despite the best content. But avoiding shakiness is about holding a camera completely steady. It is easier said than done, even for people with the steadiest hands. Try setting your camera or phone on a sturdy surface or use a tripod to get steady shots. Avoid moving the camera once you set it up unless you need to shoot from a different angle or location. You can try cutting from one shot to another instead of moving the camera.

Master the craft of editing

Editing is an integral part of making travel videos for social media, so you cannot miss out on it when making compelling ones. The first thing you must do is find simple and feature-rich editing software. You can try Movavi Video Editor to create clean and impressive final results. Mastering the craft of editing is the next step. While the process of cutting and polishing can be fun, you must focus on simplicity. Attention to detail can make a difference, so try small changes like adjusting the lighting, cleaning up background noises, cutting awkward pauses, and adding transitions and background music.

Prioritize clear and crisp audio

Audio quality matters as much as video quality. People may compromise with the quality of footage for once, but they will definitely skip watching it if the audio is fuzzy or indistinct. So you must definitely watch your sound quality if you want to impress and hook your social media followers. A good microphone is a great investment for content creators. You may find options under $100 if your budget is tight, but spending a bit more gets you one that performs well and lasts long. Keep the mic close to the subject to capture clear audio and be aware of background sounds. Else, you can also utilise a good AI text to speech tool.

Shoot from different angles

Another valuable piece of advice for novice content creators is to shoot from different angles. Switching angles adds visual interest, specifically if you want to get the most impressive shots of travel destinations and sightseeing. Pros suggest shooting plenty of B-roll footage as you may use it later if you need to. Also, shift by at least 45 degrees while changing angles. Smaller shifts may not create the intended effect. They can look jarring and distracting instead.

Work on your appearance

Besides mastering the technique, you must also work on your appearance because it matters as much as anything else. Carrying yourself the right way on camera can impact the quality and appeal of your content. You cannot make a great video by appearing nervous and uncomfortable because the viewers can see your discomfort. Fortunately, you can embrace a few measures to enhance your camera presence and look effortless in your videos. Using open body language and a confident posture is a good start. Likewise, you must smile to connect with the audience and slow down while talking so that they can understand you. Using props is a good idea if you feel jittery as they keep your hands occupied. Also, practice until you find comfort while facing the camera.

Creating great travel social media videos need not be a daunting task, and even amateurs can create compelling ones. You only require good-quality equipment and an understanding of techniques like lighting, angles, and backgrounds to cover the technical aspects. Additionally, a reliable video editor can help you cover the gaps in your footage. At the same time, you need to be creative and insightful about the content of your video to make a real impact on your viewers. Follow these tips and keep practicing to learn the craft and ramp it up over time. Rest assured, you will be a pro sooner than later.

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