7 Reasons You Need More Natural Light In Your Life

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Natural light exists independently and provides many benefits. By embracing what the sun offers, you can see physical, mental and monetary effects.

Here are seven reasons to get more natural light in your life.

1.   It Provides Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that provides a myriad of health benefits. Unfortunately, around 50% of the population has a vitamin D deficiency.

It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorous, which are necessary for bone health. There’s also evidence that it can ward off infections, fight inflammation and decrease cancer risk.

Spending time in the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. gives you the most vitamin D. Ensure you wear sunscreen to prevent negative effects.

2.   It Improves Mood

Natural light has a powerful effect on mood and can decrease the symptoms of mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression.

Sunlight exposure boosts levels of serotonin in the brain, helping you remain happier through each day. There is also strong anecdotal evidence that vitamin D contributes to improved mental health.

Bring away from natural light can lead to increased symptoms of mental health disorders and create feelings of isolation.

3.   It Increases Productivity

Research shows that working by a window significantly improves productivity.

The mood-regulating effects of natural light helps energize you to accomplish almost any task. Research shows that sunlight is better than fluorescent lights at increasing work productivity and improving employee well-being. You can get the same benefits at home.

4.   It Regulates Circadian Rhythm

The sun plays a necessary part in your ability to feel awake during the day and sleep at night. Serotonin contributes to your circadian rhythm and natural light encourages the release of that hormone.

We live in a world with 24-hour lighting access, but artificial light can do a number on your sleep patterns. Healthy adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for long-term physical and mental wellness.

5.   Aids in Eye Health

Spending time in sunlight can benefit your eyes. While you shouldn’t look directly at the sun, being in natural light can prevent eye strain and is necessary for maintaining health. Being outside can also encourage you to be more active and spend less time in front of screens, which have harmful effects on your eyes.

6.   It Improves Skin Conditions

It’s common knowledge that being in the sun without the protection of sunscreen can increase skin cancer risk, but did you know that with the right protection, sunlight can actually help your skin?

Doctors sometimes prescribe natural light as a solution for mild cases of jaundice in newborns. It’s also an effective way to treat some cases of psoriasis.

Always speak with a doctor before using sunlight as part of any treatment plan to ensure its safe for you.

7.   It Saves Money

Adding natural light to your home can reduce the amount of artificial light you need to use. Not only is it better for the environment, but it can also significantly reduce your power bill.

Sunlight can also warm your home, helping you rely less on your heating systems. You can also rely less on your cooling system, as keeping artificial lights off can decrease your home’s internal temperature.

Research shows that having natural light can decrease your heating bill by 32% and provide a cooling savings of 25%.

How to Get More Natural Light Inside

There are several ways you can incorporate more natural light into your life, helping you reap the benefits it offers.

Paint with Light Colors

Lighter walls can better reflect sunlight around your room. Choosing light-colored neutrals can brighten up your home, helping you rely less on artificial lighting.

Choosing light paint colors can also make your rooms feel larger. You can always add in more colors through furniture and decor.

Decorate with Mirrors

Just as mirrors show your reflection, they also reflect light. It’s what helps them make a room look larger. Placing mirrors around your home can help you get more natural light. You can make a mirror the focal point in a living or dining room or serve as accent pieces throughout your house.

Sit Near Windows

Simply spending more time near your windows can increase the amount natural light you get through the day.

Creating seating areas with much natural light exposure can improve the health and happiness of your household.

Spending Time Outside

The best source of natural light is being outdoors. If you don’t have spend much time in the sun, there are activities you can easily transition from inside to outside.

Do Hobbies Outside

If you enjoy reading, sewing, painting or other activities, you can often move those setups outside. If you have a patio or just a little yardspace, you can do the activities you love while getting some sunshine.

Eat Outside

You don’t have to wait for a picnic to eat a meal outside. You can sit outside to enjoy any meal, snack or beverage.

Consider creating a dining nook in your patio or yard. To prevent pests, consider screening in your porch or patio area.

Exercise Outside

You can run, lift weights or do almost any exercise outdoors. Many cities offer outdoor track and field facilities, providing a safe space to perform your activities.

If you work out with a virtual program, consider setting up your phone, tablet or laptop outside and doing it in your yard instead.

Getting More Natural Light

Natural light offers many benefits to your mind, body and wallet. Incorporating more natural light into your life can improve your health and happiness.

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