A Look at Why Distracted Driving is on the Rise in Wisconsin

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Any activity that takes the driver’s focus away from driving is considered distracted driving. Distracted driving may be dangerous for both the driver and other people on the street since the chance of a car accident increases with it. This problem has become one of the biggest causes of accidents in states like Wisconsin. This is because in busy states like this, even a split second of distraction can lead to accidents.  

Instances of distracted driving increased by 30% on average per mile between 2019 and 2023, and statistics from the national police reports from 2021 show that in the US, 3,522 people lost their lives in accidents where distracted driving was a significant cause of the crash. Data shows that 8% of fatal collisions happened because the driver was using a smartphone while driving. 

Just like in every other part of the country, distracted driving is increasing in Wausau, Wisconsin, as well. If you are a victim of a car accident, the chances are high that a distracted driver caused the crash. In such a case, you should file a car accident claim. Remember to hire a car accident attorney in Wausau who will fight for your rights in court and during the settlement process and make sure you receive fair compensation for your losses.

Why is Distracted Driving on the Rise? 

Many issues can cause distracted driving, such as talking to another passenger while driving, eating, changing the radio channel, and dialing up the heating/AC, but the biggest rise in distracted driving came after the widespread use of mobile phones started.  

1.    Talking on the Phone while Driving 

Research has demonstrated that drivers who are having a phone conversation while driving perform worse behind the wheel and are more distracted overall. The NHTSA reported that the likelihood of an automobile accident or near-accident rose by 2.8 times when the driver was using a cell phone. These days, mobile phone use has become so commonplace that we become unaware of how frequently we use them, and up to 10% of drivers use a hand-held or hands-free phone at any one moment during driving. Even though experts advise against using a phone while driving, it seems not many drivers are following that advice, instead, they are even increasing the conversation time while driving, often leading to tragic accidents. 

2.    Sending Text Messages while Driving 

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Even though texting is widely used now, text messaging is still a relatively new communication medium, and few official restrictions have been put in place to stop it from being a factor in auto accidents.

Compared to automobile accident data with non-distracted drivers, text messaging raises the probability of a car accident or near-car accident by 23.2 times and statistics show that texting on a phone carries the highest risk of distracted driving-related car accidents. One of the major factors behind this behavior is that a large portion of the generation that constantly sends texts has reached driving age, and as a result, distracted driving accidents are increasing.  


The lives of other people on the road are put in danger by distracted drivers, and the major factor behind this behavior is the use of smartphones. In contrast to drunk driving, which typically happens at night, distracted driving can result in car accidents that can happen during any time of the day. If you have been in a car accident, contact a car accident lawyer in Wisconsin because they know how to find out if distracted driving was a contributing factor behind the accident. With the help of that knowledge, they can significantly increase your compensation claim. 

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