Buying A New Electric Car: Vital Steps You Need To Take Before You Get The Keys

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For anyone looking to reduce their personal carbon footprint, reviewing your travel situation is crucial. Transport is one of the key polluters, with diesel and petrol-powered cars causing a lot of air pollution and depleting our natural resources.

While public transport, walking or cycling are the ultimate eco-friendly alternatives, they’re not always viable solutions, particularly if you have a young family and live in a rural area.

For some of us, having our own vehicle is essential, but there are alternatives to traditional fossil fuel-powered cars. Is it time to give up your old car?

The most popular alternative currently is the electric car. Electric car sales have boomed over recent years and look set to continue rising as many of us seek ways to live more sustainably. For more information on electric cars Vehicle Freak share their key findings in their up-to-date article on EV Stats including the fact that there were 10.6 million sales of electric cars in 2022 which was 57% up on the previous year and in 2030 it is estimated that they will account for more than 30% of all vehicles sold.

If you’re buying your first electric car, here are some of the crucial steps you need to take before you get the keys.

Ensure Adequate Home Charging

Being able to charge your new electric car at home will be the most convenient solution, so consider how you can facilitate this. Learn about the options for charging electric vehicles at home and find the best solution for you. If you live in a flat or don’t have off-street, private parking near your home, then find out whether you can have a wall charging point installed in your car parking area.

Find Local Public Charging Points

While charging your vehicle at home is crucial, you also need to be able to top it up when you’re out and about. So, you should explore local charging points and find out how much they cost and if there are any time restrictions you need to be aware of. You’ll then be confident that if you run out of charge when you’re out running errands, you always know somewhere close by that you can use to top up your battery. It’s not a big deal because charging stations have increased in quantity along with the popularity of electric cars. These stations are becoming increasingly prevalent, providing a reliable backup to local charging points. Commercial charging stations for EVs, usually located in high-traffic areas like shopping centres, airports, and highway rest stops, provide fast and efficient charging solutions. They are designed to serve a larger volume of vehicles and often feature the latest technology in EV charging. Understanding the locations and capabilities of these commercial stations can significantly enhance your confidence and convenience when travelling longer distances or in new areas.

Transfer Your Private Registration Number

If you have a private registration number that you love, then you need to make sure you transfer it to your new vehicle. Whether you are already using the registration number on your current vehicle or you have a V778 retention document, you can easily add your number to your new car by contacting the DVLA. If you’re new to private number plates and want to find one for your new electric car, then check out Registration Transfers. They can help you find the perfect private number plate for your new electric car.

Read The Owner’s Manual

Like the instructions on flat-packed furniture, car owner’s manuals often get ignored, but they’re a useful source of information about your new vehicle. That’s particularly true if you’ve never owned an electric car before, as they might contain valuable insight that you can use to optimise your driving experience and make it easier for you to maintain your new car. Most owner’s manuals come with the vehicle and are available online. As well as the owner’s manual, you can also read blog and forum posts by drivers who have the same make and model, so you can learn practical tips to make the most out of your electric car driving experience.

Ultimately, electric cars are the future of transport, as they will help drivers to cut down on emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. If you’re in the process of buying an electric car, you need to take these considerations into account before you get the keys to your new vehicle.

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