All in One Cloth Nappies- everything you need

all in one cloth nappies plus wetbag, wipes and boosters

You would have probably read in my last post that we are making the move over to cloth nappies. This is for quite a few reasons but the most important being the fact that they are eco-friendly and they will be saving us money in the long-run… up to £500 a year did you know?! We are starting with the all in one cloth nappies but I know there are other versions available and there is a lot for me to still find out but for now, I am going with what seems to be the easiest option.

I wanted to purchase all the right bits and pieces before we started so I could get it right from the off (well, try my best to!) I have listened to lots of other cloth nappy parents, checked out fab Instagrammers and messaged other bloggers to gain as much insight as I could but I have felt the best way to learn is to just jump straight in and see what works for us as a family and for William.


So, I just wanted to give you a quick tick list for yourselves to follow so you can also get started on your cloth nappy journey:

  • All in one nappies (obvs!!) The brand is completely up to you. I have gone for Bambino Mio’s starter pack as they are a trusted name and ever so cute!
  • Nappy liners– to catch the poo. This can be thrown away.
  • Wetbag– for when you are out and about and need somewhere to put your dirty nappy.
  • Laundry bag– To pop them into the washing machine.
  • Boosters– These are extra liners to boost the absorbency of the nappy.
  • Reusable wipes– They work so much better than normal wipes and are also eco-friendly of course! Pop them in the wash with your nappies.
  • Plastic dispenser box for your wipes to be kept in– you can half-fill this with water and add your choice of aromatherapy oils for when you go out.
  • Washing powder– I have purchased mine directly from Bambino Mio but as long as it is non-bio you will be fine. Just don’t add fabric conditioner as this can affect the nappy’s absorbency.

And, because a list is pretty dull and seeing these things is even better, I have made you a (nervous!) YouTube video of what we have purchased and to talk about the ins and outs of the all in one nappy:


If you have any further hints and tips I would love to hear from you and if you are thinking about making the change, also let me know how you are getting on.

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3 thoughts on “All in One Cloth Nappies- everything you need

    1. It’s funny because it took me months to decide and then the first day I was over thinking it all and now we are a few days in and a routine is starting to form and I just thought wow, this is so easy. Why do we all hate change so much?! It’s just a bit of extra washing. I wish I’d known about them with Jake but I’m glad I’m giving it a go. We haven’t used them at night as he wees so much I know he would leak but as long as I remember to do my wash I have enough to get through the day. (I have ordered more though!)

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