Best Ways to Decorate Your Home with Dried Flowers

dried flowers
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These days, we all want something that will last longer because everything seems instant and temporary. That’s why many people are considering a bouquet of dried flowers in their homes. 

Have you ever received that bouquet of fresh flowers that you loved so much, only for it to start losing its freshness after about two days of sitting in a vase? We have just the perfect solution for you and how you can have your favorite summer-colored bouquets even in the wintertime.  

How are dried flowers made? 

There are five common techniques used to dry flowers: air drying, microwaving, baking, using desiccant, and pressing. 

Air drying involves tying some small bouquets together and then hanging them upside down to dry. This usually takes about two to four weeks to complete, and it is the most traditional and most common way of drying flowers. 

Microwaving involves heating your flowers in a bowl with a desiccant such as silica gel or cat litter. Using a desiccant helps dry the flowers without them shriveling. This is a good method for flower heads and smaller plants. 

Baking is when you take your bouquet and place it in the oven at very low heat. With this process, you could lose some petals and some color. You also have to be very careful with the temperature of your oven. 

Using desiccant involves submerging the bouquet into silica gel or cat litter for a couple of weeks to soak out all the moisture. This is the best method when it comes to preserving the color and structure of the flowers. 

Pressing is a method that uses heavy objects to press the moisture out of the flower. These flowers are usually used for crafts and artwork. They can be framed or put between a glass wall for fancy stationery or kitchenware. 

Some of these options might seem like a long process to getting your perfect dried flower bouquet. Of course, you can always order your favorite one by visiting your favorite florist in person or online. 

Decorating your home 

Once you’re holding your favorite arrangement of dried flowers, you’re probably asking yourself what to do with it. Well, just put it down and select one of the ideas we have listed below.

Put them in a vase

This is the simplest and most traditional thing to do with a bunch of flowers. But once they’re in there, the question is where can you put them? One beautiful thing about dried flowers is that they don’t need to be maintained — no watering, no pruning, nothing at all.

You can add some more dried ingredients to make your vase more appealing, such as some dry white sand and fancy stones at the bottom. This trick is perfect if you have a clear glass vase so that the sand and the stones are visible. 

You can then use the vase as a centerpiece on a dinner table, or you can place them high up on a shelf; they will look just as good. 

Let them just sit 

Remember, these are dried flowers, so you can let them just sit on a cupboard or on a fancy flat plate on a table. 

If you want, you can use wooden, copper, silver, gold, or plastic vessels to contain them, adding to their color and charm. 

Hang them

dried roses hanging upside down

You can use some string or invisible tape and hang them on your wall like a portrait. You can also hang them on a window or from a ceiling like a chandelier. It’s all up to you how you would like to hang them. 

Take it a step further and let them hang in a beautiful glass frame, or use a white canvas, attach the flower heads, and hang it in your living room. 

Create a backdrop

You can create a beautiful backdrop for a garden party or any other event, such as a wedding or a birthday party. Use big white cardboard, you can just attach the dried flowers using invisible tape. You can attach them in small bouquets or use just the flower heads; it’s all up to you and what type of look you’re going for. You can even combine flower heads and bouquets.

You can also use them to decorate the tables at the event. Use them as centerpieces or hang them on the walls like you would hang balloons to create a more classy look. Bring the room to life with these dry arrangements. 

Combine them with other decorating props 

If you decide to work with a florist, you can get the florist to arrange and create a fancy bouquet for you. After all, it’s an easier task when you let the professionals do all the work for you. The florist can combine them with feathers, branches, beads, and grass to make your bouquet look more lively. 

Combine them with neutral colors

Dry arrangements usually have subtle colors and work well with neutral colors or underlying hues in a room. If you want to create a neutral-colored room, you can use these arrangements to bring that room to life. Despite them having subtle colors, their presence makes a huge difference. 


The beauty of dried flowers is that they last longer and still look beautiful. They also work as well as fresh flowers. They are a great table centerpiece and an amazing look in a frame as a piece of art or a bouquet for a loved one. 

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