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shopDisney products with William sat reading a book

*Gifted Products from shopDisney feature in this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own.

This year we were so, so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to not only take a holiday in Florida but to also visit Disney World for the very first time. It was a lifelong dream of mine and that Disney Magic did not let me down. I absolutely loved it and could have easily chosen every Disney plush toy to bring home with me but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so you can imagine my pure excitement when shopDisney got in touch to ask if we (and when I say we I mean the kids but I secretly knew they meant me too!) wanted to review some of their fantastic merchandise.

As soon as the box of the shopDisney products arrived, the boys were around it like it was already Christmas! I’ve never seen them so eager. I think what added to the excitement was that it was a complete mystery to all of us what was going to be inside and shopDisney did not fail to deliver the perfect selection for them both.

With a gorgeous selection of plush toys for William, Star Wars goodies for Jake, as well as a cushion each that was secretly a blanket (I know!) plus pyjamas and a cute Dumbo outfit, the boys could not believe their eyes.

They immediately set about playing and as it was near to bedtime we decided to introduce the toys to their new rooms and show them our bedtime routine

Upstairs To The Bedrooms

Once upstairs, the boys both got changed into their new pyjamas and outfits. The Dumbo outfit could easily be worn as a warm bed set as well as a daytime outfit. It is beautifully knitted out of soft cotton and is just lush to touch. With its beautiful elephant design on the front and cute buttons, I was just in love!!

William in his Dumbo outfit whilst sitting with his new plush toys from shopDisney

Jake is currently Star Wars mad after discovering the franchise a few months ago. He is eagerly awaiting the new film to be released so when he saw the StormTrooper pyjamas he was over the moon.

Jake and william sat on a toybox in their shopDisney outifts holding the star wars toys

Needless to say, the Limited Release Star Wars Toys were also a HUGE hit! Consisting of a soft toy BB-8, D-O and R2-D2 (yep, I knew that without looking them up too!) this box of Star Wars toys would be the perfect gift for any budding fan.

Jake sat on the stairs with his shopDisney products

The toys are far softer than they look and both R2-D2 and BB-8 have twistable heads making them that little bit more interactive than a regular plush toy.

As for William’s selection, he was very kindly sent the plush toys of Mickey Mouse, Rabbit, Stitch as well as a Disney Junior Muppet Babies toy of Fozzie Bear.


Both the boys played happily for ages in their rooms with their new toys. Whilst Jake reenacted his Star Wars scenes William sat studying each toy and taking it in turn to cuddle them all.

He very soon discovered that Fozzie Bear is great fun! He has a button on his hand and he sings a song, vibrates and tells jokes. William was completely mesmerised by him… I think he thinks he is actually real!

He also decided that his toys needed some entertaining just before bed…

william doing a roly poly in front of his toys

Bedtime Reading

What better way to get ready for bed then with a bit of Disney bedtime reading? Up in his room, William settled into his reading corner with his toys and showed them the rest of their Disney friends in a selection of his books (which we already owned).

William with a Disney Book and his Disney toys
William reading to his Disney toys
William smiling whilst holding a Disney book

Oh, and if you are wondering where the Toy Story Alien appeared from, this isn’t actually a toy. It is a cushion which pulls out to be a blanket which William kindly demonstrates here…

william pulling the blanket out of the cushion
the blanket now out and over william and the toys

The boys were sent one each of these and as Jake is a bit older he received a Spiderman version.



Choosing just one toy to go to bed with can be a tricky decision for a little person to make. Jake usually takes his Jack-Jack from Disney’s The Incredibles to bed but BB-8 has become a new favourite bedtime buddy. For William, he has found great comfort in cuddling Mickey Mouse and this has meant he has settled down to sleep far easier and he has slept much better too. Who would have thought that the Disney Magic would be the secret to our sleep problems, eh?!

shopDisney offer such a wide range of products and every favourite Disney character is there in some way or another which means that everybody can take home that Disney Magic and cherish it just as my boys have been able to do.

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*We were sent these shopDisney products in exchange for review. As always all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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