Designing Children’s Playrooms: Creating a Fun and Practical Space

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Creating a safe, clean, interactive and practical space for your children to play in within your home is really important. We all have varying tastes but there are some key aspects you should definitely look at when planning a playroom and we are going to touch on some those in here today…

White Walls: A Clean Canvas for Creativity

White walls, commonly seen in office spaces, can be a great addition to a children’s playroom. They serve as a distraction-free surface for your child to write on and are easy to clean afterward. Instead of dealing with torn wallpaper or paint ruined by markers, white walls offer a simple and practical solution. They encourage imaginative play, provide a space for educational activities like homeschooling, and support your child’s creativity. Additionally, Invictus flooring (LVT) will be a great choice for a children’s room. They have lots of colours and designs which will equally enhance a white clean canvas wall. However, they are also super easy to clean, and spill proof and ideal for heavy foot traffic areas

Vinyl Flooring: A Durable and Low-Maintenance Choice

Gone are the days of flimsy and unattractive vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring, such as Invictus, has emerged as a top recommendation by interior designers, especially for children’s playrooms. It offers anti-stain and anti-scratch protection, ensuring that spills, ink, and toys won’t leave lasting marks. The ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it a practical choice for busy parents. With waterproof features, you don’t have to worry about water seeping through, and the naturally cushioned quality provides comfort and durability. Choose a design like grey parquet flooring and pair it with felt-padded furniture to protect the flooring’s longevity.

grey parquet flooring in a kitchenette area

Wooden Flooring

Alternatively, if you like the timeless look and feel of a wooden floor then why not opt for a good quality type that will last in your home for years? One favourite amongst many homeowners these days is Engineered Wood Flooring as it is long-lasting, moisture resistant and made from real wood making it comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot. A wooden floor will always look great against any furniture style and you can add large rugs to add a little more interest whilst providing a place for your child to sit and play.

Neutral Colours: Timeless and Versatile

When choosing paint and furniture for a children’s playroom, opting for neutral colours can have long-lasting benefits. Neutral tones tend to stay in style longer, reducing the need for frequent updates and rebranding. They provide a versatile backdrop for various design themes and transitions as your child grows older. By embracing neutral colours in combination with luxury vinyl flooring, you create a space that can easily transform from a playroom to a teenager’s game room or creative studio, ensuring longevity and peace of mind for both you and your child.

two children playing in a play room

Designing a children’s playroom involves considering practicality, durability, and creativity. White walls offer a clean canvas for your child’s imagination and are easy to maintain. Luxury vinyl or wooden flooring, like Invictus, provides anti-stain and anti-scratch protection, ensuring longevity and easy cleaning. Choosing neutral colours for paint and furniture allows for versatility and lasting style. By incorporating these design trends, you can create a safe, fashionable, and comforting space where your family can grow and enjoy for years to come.

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