Get Creative: Parents Need Hobbies Too


If you’re a parent then you probably spend a lot of time buying glitter, clay, paint, and other artistic tools for your kids. Not all of us can be Van Gogh, but every child loves to express themselves in some way. Of course, that isn’t necessarily something we outgrow. Sure, you might have adult responsibilities now. You might have to look after the kids and go to the office from 9 to 5 every day, but what do you do when you get home? Parents should have hobbies too. You should follow in the footsteps of your children and start expressing your creativity. Obviously, you can help your kids with arts and crafts, but you might want your own hobby too. These ideas for artistic ventures will definitely give you some inspiration


Join a pottery class

There are heaps of pottery classes for adults. Joining one would be a great way for you to unleash your creativity and socialise with new people. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the idea of starting with a mound of clay and crafting your very own pot or vase that you can take home and display proudly on the windowsill. It’s the same idea as putting your child’s drawing on the fridge. Everybody should be proud of their artistic achievements.




Start painting

Painting is a hobby that suits people of all ages. There’s something exciting about creating something completely unique with colour and a blank piece of paper, whether you’re the age of 4 or 40. Again, you don’t need to be some sort of artistic genius to pick up a paintbrush and create something fun on a blank piece of paper. It’s about finding the same sense of creative wonder as your child; it’s not about creating a masterpiece that’ll end up in an art gallery one day. You might even want to check out Paint by Numbers for Adults if you want a simpler way to create a beautiful DIY painting. The grown-up version of “colouring inside the lines” might be just what you need to give you the confidence to start painting.


Take care of your garden

If there’s any creative hobby that still feels grown-up and responsible then it’s probably gardening. Not only is it an opportunity to unleash your artistic ability but it’s also a practical part of maintaining your house. Of course, gardening simply involves mowing the lawn for most people, but why not go further than this? Your garden is a blank canvas that could become your next creative project. Start by planting some flowers and plants so that you can add some natural beauty to this space. There’s nothing like the vibrancy of nature to inspire your creativity. You could try out upcycling too. Use old junk such as the broken lawnmower in your garage and turn it into a pot for your plants. Being artistic is about thinking outside the box. You could really turn your garden into a fun art project.

garden with stones


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