Go Fetch: Helpful Solutions To Common Dog Problems

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A dog is a great companion and loyal friend, but as any canine owner will tell you, there are challenges and problems that come with having a pooch in the home, no matter how adorable they are. Here are some common issues dog owners face, and some helpful tips to resolve them.

Your dog’s bark is worse than his bite

That’s not true of course; it’s only a saying. However, hearing your dog bark constantly can be a nuisance for you and your neighbours. Short of soundproofing your walls and investing in a pair of noise-reducing headphones, what can you do about it?

Tip: Figure out why they are barking. Once you understand why you can do something about it. They may be begging for your attention or could be distracted by other animals outside, as possible examples. You should try and focus your dog’s attention on something else, or use these training tips to teach your dog to be quiet.

Your dog won’t take his medicine

Dog’s do get sick occasionally, so your vet will prescribe medication. Then there are the flea and worming tablets that should be taken at appropriate intervals. However, getting your canine friend to take his pill is another matter. No matter how many unsavoury items they nibble on over their lifetime, the tablet is surprisingly off-putting.

Tip: Mix the pill into food with a strong smell, such as canned tuna, or a tin of salmon. The odour will mask the smell of the tablet, and your dog will gobble it up in no time. Alternatively, try chicken flavoured Vetiq pills which are an easy way to get your dog to take what’s good for him.

Your dog eats his own poop

Gross, we know, but many dogs do it. As mentioned, your dog will turn up their nose at pet pills, but their poop somehow appeals. Your dog will go for all kinds of poop, not only their own. Cat poop is a specific delicacy. Sorry if we have put you off your dinner.

Tip: Start training as a puppy, giving your dog a firm ‘no’ every time he reaches for the unsavoury stool. You should ensure your yard is free of poop, picking it up immediately, and putting it out of your dog’s reach. We also recommend For-Bid, a protein food for dogs that puts them off eating their faecal matter. Be sure to feed your dog a nutritious meal each day, too, to curb the temptation to eat anything he shouldn’t.

Your dog prefers your sofa to his bed

You think you have bought the best bed money can buy, but if your dog insists on sleeping on your sofa during the night, rather than his own bedding, your sofa will be plagued with dog hairs and a possibly unpleasant odour.

Tip: The bed you bought may not be appropriate for your dog’s needs. There is some excellent advice here, ensuring your dog has a bed that is more appealing than your comfortable sofa. You should also get into the habit of putting your dog on his bed in the daytime, so he gets into a routine. Putting a treat or his favourite toy on the bedding is an added incentive for him to sleep in his bed.

Over to you

We hope our advice has helped, but be sure to let us know if you have any advice for other dog owners out there. Thanks for reading.



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