Holiday Entertaining Ideas around Your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

pizza's and a pizza oven
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The presence of a wood-fired pizza oven has become synonymous with outdoor entertainment. Wood-fired pizza ovens have proven to be convenient for food preparation of all types, from appetizers and finger food to desserts. Having one presents the opportunity for you to establish outdoor entertainment that will have your guests appreciating the chance to enjoy more open space.

When planning an event heavily reliant on your wood-fired pizza oven, your entertainment options do not have to be limited to the aesthetics that are around your oven. You can also set up themed decor and placements to carry a concept that will have the oven as part of the background. Some ideas for entertainment that can be staged around your wood-fired pizza oven are:

Pizza Parties

These are possibly the most common form of entertainment that comes to mind when speaking of party ideas around a wood-fired oven. Hosting a pizza party can give you the chance to show off your pizza making skills. You can produce numerous creations to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences so that everyone is well satisfied at the end.


The advantage of having a pizza oven is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a separate BBQ grill. You can use your pizza oven to create BBQ that is just as good as what would be produced in a conventional grill. The only consideration you would have to account for in such an adaptation would be the need for grill plates to raise the meat for better heat distribution.

It is also entirely possible to create both pizza and BBQ dishes in the same oven, at the same time, thus doubling your ability to produce good food fit for entertaining large groups of people.

Cooking Classes

Why not share the knowledge that you have gained with others? Hosting cooking classes that let you teach others how to make a variety of dishes, including pizza, using the pizza oven can prove to be an exciting and rewarding experience. You don’t have to limit yourself to being the sole teacher. You may also explore outside the box and hire a professional that is well versed in the use of a wood-fired pizza oven to educate you and others on the ins and outs of a well-used pizza oven.

Outdoor Parties

You can host themed outdoor parties close to and around your pizza oven. It can act as either the focal point or a backdrop to the activities going on around it. These parties can be celebrations of any number of events and milestones that you would like to commemorate. The pizza oven can be the main cooking apparatus, with the majority of the dishes that are on your menu being prepared on it.

In addition to food preparation, your pizza oven can act as a heat source in the colder periods, thus providing the opportunity for you to entertain even in cooler weather and milder seasons.

A wood-fired pizza oven can be a valuable resource, and the secret to successful parties as you can serve a dish that is easily popular with the majority of people. Contact an expert to inquire about the design and installation of your very own wood-fired pizza oven.

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