How to Make Sustainable Choices Each Day

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If you want to do your bit for the environment, you need to start making better and more environmentally friendly decisions each and every day. If you fail to do that, you’ll be having a greater impact on the planet than you might realize. It’s tempting to say “well, I’m just one person so what can I do?” But that ignores all of the very real and tangible things we are in control of. Find out more about making more sustainable and green choices each day below.

Opt for Reusable Items

When you have the choice between choosing something that’s reusable and something that’s entirely disposable, you should certainly opt for the reusable option. It’s a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, and that’s something that can’t be ignored. Whether it’s a reusable straw, coffee cup, wipes, kitchen roll and so on it’ll save wasting a single-use item.

Source Your Food Locally

The transportation of foods across long distances can have a big impact on the environment. If you want to make a more sustainable choice when it comes to your food and where it comes from, you should try to support local producers and suppliers, meaning you can cut out the need to have food transported over long distances. It’s something we can all try to do better at.

Air Dry Your Laundry

Simply using your home appliances a little less will mean that you’re using a lot less energy each day in your home. A great example of this comes on laundry day. If you would usually dry your clothes after washing them in a dryer, it might be a good idea to think about air drying them instead. That way, you let them dry naturally, you don’t risk wear and shrinkage and, most importantly, you make a more sustainable choice.

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Swap Products Based on the Sustainability of Their Ingredients and Materials

If you’ve been using products that you know contain ingredients and materials that you know are harmful to the environment in one way or another, it’s important to consider sustainable alternatives because they are out there. There are even options such as sustainable palm oil that you can turn to if you want to start supporting more sustainable solutions.

Cut Down Your Meat Consumption

One of the things we can all do to help the environment is cut down on the amount of meat we eat. When we consume meat, we’re necessitating farming practices that are now known to be very environmentally harmful. So if you want to do something positive that’ll impact the environment in a more helpful way, cutting down on your meat consumption is a good idea.

Making sustainable choices isn’t easy and it’s something that we all need to be doing now more than ever. You might not think that you have the power to make a big difference, but the decisions we all make each day have a big impact on the world around us, and that’s something that can’t be ignored.

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