How to Raise Happy, Healthy, and Active Children

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In this era of technology, almost every other child is attached to their gadgets. And so, raising a child who is happy, healthy, and active is a challenging task.

While many evolving play preferences, like a hoverboard with seat attachment, merge fun and fitness together, there are tons of other things that you, as a parent, need to do to help your children enjoy, be attentive, and be active at the same time.

If you are worried about raising your child to be active, healthy, and happy in the future, look no more as we have covered everything important under one roof. Let’s dive in!

Be a Role Model

Children do what they see. If your children see you stuck with your gadget all day, they will follow it. When they see you run after a pizza instead of a fruit bowl, they’ll have pizza. If they see you regularize your emotions and be happy most of the time, they will turn out happy. 

This is where you need to set an example for your children by doing exactly what you want them to do.

Include Yoga in the Routine

Yoga is not only excellent for keeping adults healthy and active but also for little children. There are tons of yoga programs online that you can indulge your kids into. This will help keep them engaged and improve their core and muscle strength too. 

Active Family Time 

While movie time or playing video games together may turn out fun, don’t always rely on these two things. Keeping your children active and attentive during your family time is highly important. Here are a few activities that you can include in your family time:

  • Make a cardboard doll house together to let your kids be creative and have fun at the same time.
  • Play hide and seek to keep your children on their toes with excitement.
  • If you have a garden, spend some time outdoors by planting together to keep your kids engaged.
  • Go to a nearby park and collect rocks. Ask your children to paint them as they want.
  • Play a scavenger hunt by putting together a list of household objectives that they need to find.

Try to Be Positive

You can never deny the fact that positivity is powerful. While you need to guide them on how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, you must do it positively without forcing it. 

Never make adopting healthy habits a punishment for them. Instead, encourage it with love and affection. Otherwise, your children will develop a negative viewpoint about those habits and will avoid adopting them as a rebellion.


As our children grow, their demands of having fun and being engaged also grow. While technology has made keeping kids engaged for longer periods easy, it is not helping them become active. This is where parents need to enter the scene and help their kids adopt a lifestyle to be active, healthy, and happy altogether.

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