How to Take Care of Your Skin if You Wear Makeup

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We all know the importance of proper skincare. As you age, or as your hormones change after becoming a mother, your skin can also change. It might start to dry out more easily, or you might start to see fine lines and wrinkles more prominently. 

To combat some of those cosmetic issues, wearing makeup is the norm. Thankfully, there are plenty of makeup brands and options on the market today that are safer for your skin and won’t give you much of a “cakey” look. But, even if you choose the right makeup, it’s important to have the right routine. 

The wrong makeup routine combined with harsh cosmetics can damage your skin and leave it feeling dry and dehydrated, or oily and heavy. It can cause breakouts and leave your skin looking dull, rather than healthy. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup on a regular basis. But, if you don’t know how to properly care for your skin in the process, you could be doing more harm than good. 

With that in mind, let’s look at how you can take care of your skin and leave it glowing if you wear makeup most days. 

Create the Right Routine

If you’re going to use makeup more often than not, your routine should be one meant to nourish your skin, not clog it up or cause it to dry out. So, there are a few items you should start with before an ounce of makeup touches your face. They include: 

  • A cleanser
  • A moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

These all serve a purpose in keeping your face clean, keeping it from drying out, and protecting it from the sun each day. As you age, this becomes even more important, but it’s never too early to start. 

When you apply your makeup, make sure that everything is clean. Try to avoid applying anything with your hands/fingers unless you have washed them immediately beforehand. Studies have shown that it takes at least 20 seconds of thorough washing to kill off bacteria from your hands, so make sure to do that before touching your face. 

If you can, try to use clean brushes or other applicators to apply your makeup, and wash them regularly. 

One of the most important things to include in your routine is actually taking your makeup off at the end of the day. If you don’t, it can clog your pores and cause a buildup of oil which can lead to breakouts. Using reusable cotton pads or makeup remover wipes makes easy work of this job, and you can go to sleep with a clean, clear face. 

Know When to Take a Break

If possible, try not to wear makeup every day. Give yourself a day or two each week without makeup to allow your skin cells time to renew and regenerate. This simple action will help your skin to look healthy and glowing, rather than dried out and dull. 

You should immediately stop wearing makeup if you notice any irritation on your skin. Redness, itchiness, or extreme dryness are all somewhat common issues if you’re wearing too much makeup or not taking care of your skin. 

Additionally, it’s important to know when to ‘take a break’ from old products. If you’ve had a product for several months, it may be time to throw it out. Mascara should be changed out every three months, and liquid makeup every six months. 

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Look for the Right Ingredients

We’ve touched already on using the “right” kind of makeup, but that starts with knowing what to look for on the ingredients list. While each brand and product will vary slightly, some things to look for include products that contain zinc oxide, and those that have an SPF of at least 30. Both of these are ingredients that will protect your skin from the sun and can help to slow down the signs of aging. 

There are also ingredients you may want to avoid, but they are more of a personal preference. Some makeup products contain chemical ingredients like dioxane and phthalates. While there are differing opinions on what these ingredients might do to your skin, the most important thing is to ask yourself if you really want to put chemicals on your face. Some people don’t worry about it, while it’s a big deal to others. 

Checking out your favourite cosmetics’ ingredients list is one way to keep your skin healthy and safe. It’s in your best interest to know the organic ingredients of this facial cleansing oil and why it’s good for your skin. The same goes for moisturisers, essences, and other products that you use for your face.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Part of taking care of your skin is taking care of your body. You can wear the right makeup, develop the right skincare routine, and wash your face daily. But, if you’re not keeping up with healthy habits and lifestyle choices, you can still have dull, unhealthy-looking skin. You might even start to look older than you actually are. 

Instead of trying to combat those signs of aging with even more makeup, think about some of your regular lifestyle choices. 

One of the best choices you can make is to drink plenty of water. If your skin constantly seems dry or it becomes irritated and itchy easily, it could be because you’re dehydrated. Many people aren’t as hydrated as they think because they aren’t drinking enough throughout the day. Aim to get as much water as possible every day, and you’re bound to notice a difference in your skin and your overall health. 

Additionally, make sure your diet is one that promotes healthy skin. Green, leafy vegetables, fruits with antioxidants, and healthy fats like those found in salmon and nuts are great for your skin and can give you that “glowing” look. 

Getting enough sleep at night will also help to promote healthy skin. Remember, your skin is a living thing, and it needs “rest” to for cells to repair and regenerate. Getting enough sleep will make that easier and will make your skin look younger and healthier. 

If you find yourself asking, why do women wear makeup, there are many psychological reasonings along with a lot of insightful data from research. For instance, it’s a great way to boost your confidence, feel more “put together”, and it’s even a fun hobby for some people. But, it’s very important to protect your skin beneath the makeup. Keep these tips in mind to keep your skin healthy, and you can keep wearing makeup without worry. 

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