How To Wash Period Pants

period pants in washing machine
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Reusable period products have become really popular in recent years and as they are great for you, your wallet plus the planet you can completely see why. There are several options now available but one of the easiest period products to use and get to grips with is the period pant. Made to fit snugly and comfortably whilst absorbing your period blood, these reusable pants are making menstruating a far more pleasant experience. Did you know that disposable products contain chemicals and bleach that can irritate your vagina, dry out your skin and actually make your period heavier? Using a product that only consists of natural materials is by far the better choice. However, I know that washing them can seem a little daunting at first so I wanted to cover how to wash your period pants to help you to keep them in tip-top condition for years to come.

Changing Your Period Pants

So, you should get around 8-12 hours of wear from your period pants. When you need to change them simply take another pair into the bathroom with you and swap them over. In order to prevent staining, run the pants under the cold tap (must be cold!) to remove the bulk of the blood. Wring them out and either hang them up to dry or pop them into a wetbag until you have enough to go into a wash.

If you are out and about when your period pants need changing you can wait until you are home to rinse them, don’t feel that you must do this immediately in every situation. Just carry a wetbag with you and this will hold your used period pants in your bag safely away from your other items.

rinsing a pair of period pants out under a cold tap

Washing Your Period Pants

Always double-check the wash temperature that has been provided by the period pant company as each may vary. In general, most will advise washing your pants on either a 30° or 40° wash, there is no need to be going high here (no boil washes please!) all you will do is begin to ruin your pants and they won’t last as long as expected (this would also void any warranties). A normal wash setting will be fine, add your usual dose of washing powder but do not add any conditioner as this will affect their absorbency.

Your pants can go into a wash with other items and clothing, they don’t just have to go in with other reusable period products. You do want a good-sized load as the agitation from other fabrics helps with a deeper clean.

Tip: To take another step in helping to protect your pants you could also wash them inside a mesh laundry bag

If you have the swim bikini period pants, these will only ever require a cold hand wash.

Hand Wash

If you don’t have access to washing facilities or if you don’t have a big enough load for your machine you can of course always hand wash your period pants. Carry out a good rinse just with cold water at first and then wash your pants using washing powder, making sure you spend time rubbing the gusset material together to get a good clean. Rinse again and once the water runs clear, wring them out and hang them up to dry.

Drying Your Period Pants

Air drying is the best way to dry your period pants which you can do either outside or inside on a clothes horse/airer. A tumble drier isn’t really recommended as this could damage the absorbent layers and materials.

How Often Should You Wash?

Most brands will recommend that you wash your pants as soon as you can after wear and to wash them as often as needed each month. Pants that are well cared for will feel even better next to your skin, will reduce the risk of yeast infections and will last you for years to come.

me wearing a pair of high waisted period pants by WUKA

Strip washing Period Pants

If you begin to notice that your pants are not as absorbent as they once were or that they are giving off an odour or if you have developed an infection then you may need to perform a strip wash. A strip wash is really what it sounds like, it strips away any extra detergent/powders, germs and residue that could be leading to issues. A strip wash can be performed as follows but only do this when it is really needed:

  • Cold hand rinse
  • Cold rinse in machine
  • 60° wash with full dose of powder
  • 60° wash with no powder and extra rinses if possible

Overall you really shouldn’t be seeing any issues such as smell with your period pants and washing them each month should be as simple as washing any other item of clothing and once you find a routine that works for you, you’ll get into the swing of wearing and using period pants really easily.

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