How To Write A Book: 9 Tips And Tricks For New Writers

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Writing a book truly can change your life. It offers the opportunity to discover who you really are and find fame and fortune, not to mention allows you the chance to impact the lives of thousands, if not millions all over the world. Writing can be exciting, fun, and passionate, but by no means is it easy. When it comes to writing your first book, it’s much easier to quit than it is to finish. When your own message begins to bore you or you run out of ideas, you are going to be more than tempted to give up. To help you avoid this eventuality, here are nine helpful tips and tricks on how to write a book.

  1. Set A Writing Schedule

Every writer is different, but they all actually need to write. The only way to ensure that you get this done is to make writing a habit. Schedule at least six hours to work on your book each week. This can either involve six one hour sessions, three two hour sessions, or two three hour sessions. Whatever you go with, you should ensure that they are the same length and days each week. You may not have the time to write, in which case, you will need to make time but remember that down time is also important.

  1. Establish Your Writing Space

Real writers can write from almost anywhere. While some choose restaurants or coffee shops to work on their books, others do so in parks, libraries, and even garages. You don’t need a sanctuary to finish a novel, but that doesn’t mean that one won’t help you. If you have the space in your house to dedicate a room solely to writing, then you should definitely consider doing so. This way, you can create a private and comfortable space that is free from any distractions.

  1. Assemble A Writing Toolbox

Writing a book requires much more than just a pen and paper. Even if you prefer to write this way, you will still need to type your manuscript up on a computer before submitting it to an editor or publisher. Because of this, you’re going to need a computer to work on. If you like to work in different environments, then opt for a laptop, as this allows you mobility. There are many other things that you’ll need during the writing process too, including a hard drive and office supplies.

  1. Choose The Right Idea

Every great book is born out of a killer first idea. If you fail to come up with the right idea for your story, then you probably won’t finish it. Although you likely want your book to be a success, you shouldn’t write a story just because you think it will make the best seller list. You need to write about something that you genuinely love and can’t stop thinking about. If your idea is one that you would want to read in a book yourself one day, then you are on the right track. Think about the small details of your book, how you’ll develop the characters to be interesting enough to hook a reader. Think back to how villains differ from anti-heroes if this is part of your book, in order to make believable storylines for your readers. The most important thing above all is that you stick to your idea and don’t let it be watered down for fear of failure, by writing it as you think it, you’ll come up with a more creative and genuine body of work when it’s finished.

  1. Quiet Your Internal Editor

Once you begin to write the first draft of your book, you need to keep writing it until it’s done. While it may be tempting, you shouldn’t go back and change every sentence immediately after writing it. There are many types of editing, all of which can help you to improve your manuscript and story. However, they can only do this once there is a story to improve. Until your first draft is completed, you must quiet your internal editor.

  1. Take A Notebook Everywhere

You never know when an idea for a storyline is going to pop into your head or when you’re going to see a face that is just right for one of your characters. Because of this, it’s crucial that you take a notebook everywhere with you. This way, you can jot down ideas as and when they come to you, no matter where you are. If you’re not much of a pen and paper person, then remember to carry your phone, a tablet, or another mobile device to make a note on there instead.

  1. Find A Writing Mentor

Being a writer can be tough. While there’s certainly fun to be had with the work, it’s by no means easy, which, unfortunately, is something many non-writers fail to understand. This is why you may benefit from the help of someone who has been where you are now. A writing mentor can help you to sidestep all of the mistakes that they made in the past, as well as support you make a few of your own. Just make sure that you find someone who really knows the writing world.

  1. Turn Off Your Distractions

Forcing yourself to write when you’re really not in the mood is never a good idea. All it will do is waste time and make you associate this work with stress and frustration. However, that doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to become distracted either. During the hours you have scheduled yourself to write, you need to sit down and give it a good go. Turn off your phone, close the door, and do anything else that you need to silence any distractions around you.

  1. Call Yourself A Writer

Publishing a book doesn’t make you a writer – Writing does. If in the past, you’ve harmed your writing efforts by putting yourself down and saying that you’re not a writer, then this is a habit that you need to break. A builder doesn’t claim not to be one just because they haven’t built a house yet. After all, they still have the training to be a builder and have completed other building jobs previously. Start identifying as a writer now and you will begin to feel like one and work harder.

Writing a book is fun, but it can also be a challenge. There will be times when you feel like giving up, but it’s during these moments that you need to work harder than ever. If you are a writer, then go ahead and write but writer beware of certain publishing scams and always, always do your research before signing up to anything. There are plenty of good agents and publishers out there who will want to do the best by you. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing your passion.

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