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There are a range of reasons as to why you might throw an internal business event. Perhaps you’re running your first award show to try and congratulate the excellent workers in your business? Perhaps you wish to have a great party to help everyone wind down at the end of the year? Maybe you wish to celebrate a business milestone, or maybe you wish to present your business at a trade show? Running an event or business presentation in style can be well worth it because it helps you pop out. More and more businesses are clamouring to show they have some form of corporate personality, be that through insightful or funny comments on Twitter, carefully ‘approachable’ marketing copy or a range of other carefully calculated considerations.

Why can’t your business events make use of this? To us, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Let us consider how planning and running a business event in style might be achieved without boring your attendees, helping you become proud of your output.

Establishing The Brand’s Presence

Including your brand presence is essential for managing a corporate event with style. Long after the event is over, you want people to remember your business. Branded goods are a powerful tool for achieving this. High-quality, personalized products with your logo prominently displayed, such as t-shirts, mugs, or eco-friendly bags, leave a lasting impact and act as a tangible reminder of your company. Additionally, including eye-catching inflatables in the form of your logo or product or using branded custom inflatable tunnels, arches or tents provide a fun and eye-catching aspect that improves the exposure of your business. You can provide visitors with an engaging and cohesive brand experience by thoughtfully incorporating these branding aspects into your event.


Remember, business types attend events all the time. From meetings to functions to trade shows, they’re usually quite familiar with it. And the public isn’t usually interested in being spoken to in jargon terms if you’re front-facing. Your staff are likely going to wish for something just a little novel to make the event feel more memorable also. Why not consider a range of entertainment? Carefully applied, this can help your marketing efforts or business point remain a little further driven home. Why not hire a magician, or stunt artists, or a band? Corporate functions can get just a little more enjoyable with this demonstration of fun being presented, and not only that, but it helps your firm get a reputation for throwing events actually worth paying attention to.


Some firms will often offer gifts or freebies when trying to market a new product or develop a new trade show. From t-shirts to pens and duffle bags, there’s nothing quite like having a range of free products transported around an event and beyond with all of your business contact information on it. But this doesn’t mean you should do whatever is customary. This is a great opportunity to prove your business should stand out. For example, why not give out something practical with your branding? How about a first-aid kit? This sounds extreme, but it might actually save someone’s life. That’s probably the best marketing you can get. How about something comical, like an eye-patch? Whatever you opt for, freebies can help your event take on the aforementioned style.

Stage Presence

The entertainment and freebies mentioned above are certainly worthwhile, but what about smaller options? For example, how about the stage presence you adopt? What about hiring a small lighting team, perhaps hiring an actor to present or demonstrate your product, or write yourself a script filled with humorous jokes and goodwill to help the crowd feel interested? A little spectacle can go a long way.

With this advice, your business event is sure to be a huge success.

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