Innovative Painting Techniques from Top House Painters

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When it comes to painting a house, many homeowners may not realise the potential for creativity and innovation that lies within the process. Whether you’re thinking about giving your exterior a coat of paint or trying out a colour scheme for your living room, there are skilled professionals who go beyond traditional painting methods. 

In this article, we’ll delve into some strategies that top house painters in Wellington use to turn spaces into remarkable pieces of art.

1. Texture Painting

Experienced house painters often employ texture painting as a technique. This method involves adding texture to walls or surfaces, creating depth and appeal. By using tools like sponges, rag rolling or stencils, painters can achieve textures that bring a whole new dimension to a space. Incorporating textures can elevate the look of walls and exterior facades, making them truly unique.

2. Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil, derived from French for “fool the eye “, is a technique frequently utilised by house painters. This method entails creating images or illusions on surfaces to mimic three-dimensional objects or scenes.

By blending light, shadow and perspective artists have the ability to transform walls into breathtaking views or give the illusion of higher ceilings. Trompe l’oeil brings an element of surprise and whimsy to any space.

3. Colour Blocking

Gone are the days of coloured walls! Skilled painters now embrace colour blocking as a trend to inject vitality and dynamism into areas. This technique involves using colours in geometric patterns on various accent walls or sections within a room. It allows homeowners to reflect individuality in their living spaces while creating zones.

4. Faux Finishes

Faux finishes provide rooms with character and flair by mimicking the look of materials. Instead of resorting to wallpaper, stucco, or intricate wood detailing, expert painters can achieve imitations through precise brushwork techniques. For instance, faux finishes can mimic the appearance of marble, brick or even glossy metallic surfaces. These finishes not only bring sophistication but also offer budget-friendly alternatives to expensive materials.

5. Mural Painting

For those aiming to make an impression or set a mood in a space, mural painting stands out as an excellent choice. Skilled house painters have the ability to transform walls by creating and painting murals that convey a narrative or evoke feelings. Whether depicting scenes from nature or showcasing art, personalised murals provide a range of opportunities for expressing oneself creatively and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of living spaces.

6. Smart Paints

In addition to techniques,  advancements in paint formulations have also played a role in driving progress. With the growing emphasis on awareness and technological development, eco-smart paints have become available in the market. These paints boast zero VOC ( organic compound) emissions, promoting healthier indoor environments and minimising ecological impact. Some smart paints even offer insulation or self-cleaning properties to improve energy efficiency sustainability, and simplify maintenance tasks.

7. Ombre Walls

The ombre trend popular in fashion has made its way into design with skilled house painters incorporating it into their work successfully. Ombre painting involves blending shades of a colour to achieve a gradual transition from light to dark or vice versa. This technique adds dimension and visual intrigue to walls, imparting an eye-catching look to them. Ombre walls are incredibly effective in bedrooms, living rooms or any area where a touch of drama is desired.

8. Chalkboard Paint

Gone are the days when chalkboards were only found in classrooms. Nowadays, house painters are getting creative with chalkboard paint, using it in parts of homes, like kitchens, playrooms, offices and as walls in living areas. With chalkboard paint, homeowners can turn a surface into a space for messages, artwork or daily notes. It’s practical and brings a sense of fun and creativity to any room.


The world of house painting has transformed from being functional to becoming a platform for expression and innovative design choices. By exploring textures, illusions, colour blocking, faux finishes, murals and smart paints with house painters, homeowners can create truly unique living spaces that showcase their individuality and dreams. So, the next time you’re thinking about updating your home decor with paint, don’t hesitate to try out these techniques that redefine what used to be considered ordinary.

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