Jobs That You Can Get Without Having Specific Skills

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If you do not have specific skills or a huge work experience, it can be stressful to start a job search. It might seem like no employer is interested. Fortunately, it is not true.

Even as an unskilled laborer, you can still get a job with decent pay and good prospects. Many entry-level positions are ideal for recent graduates or people with little to no employment history. In partnership with Jooble experts, we’ve gathered the top ones in this article.

Jobs You Can Start Without Necessary Skills


Working in a restaurant or café is an open opportunity for many young adults. It is a beginner’s position that usually doesn’t require any particular competencies.

But one needs to cope with stress and be willing to work with people. The responsibilities usually include taking orders, serving beverages and dishes, taking payment, and sometimes maintaining duties.

Taxi Driver

A taxi driver is a pretty available job for confident drivers ready to take passengers. It is quite straightforward; you should take clients and gets them to their destinations. Sometimes taxi drivers help with luggage as well. Most orders are received through mobile applications or smart taxi systems.

All one needs is a driving license, a smartphone, and a personal vehicle in some instances. For example, if you want to be an independent contractor via services like Uber or Lyft.

Factory Worker

Workers operate in manufacturing facilities. Often the case, it is a physically demanding job. Factory personnel uses various machinery, sort products, help with packaging, or control safety or quality.

This might not be the fanciest option, but it is an excellent opportunity to learn specific skills and get first-hand experience.


Those, who prefer an office environment, can apply for administrative assistant positions. They are required in many companies, from IT agencies to healthcare facilities. The duties include managing office operations and communications. For instance, one will answer calls and emails and direct them to the professionals responsible.

Administrators also take care of scheduling, booking trips, filling reports, preparing invoices, or communicating with visitors. The specifics depend on the type of company you will work at.

Insurance Claims Processor

This is another entry-level office position open to people with no specific skills or prior experience. The primary responsibility of such employees is to process insurance claims. It means completing them per request and delegating them to agents. Processors also review these submissions concerning legal policies and regulations.

Sales Representative

Working in an entry-level sales position doesn’t require a particular skill set. One can learn about the product or service on the job. However, it would be best if you were communicative and willing to work with people.

One will present and promote the product and answer all customers’ questions. Some work face-to-face, but today, many sales are made through calls.


Young adults with attention to detail can find a job as a cleaner or a housekeeper. Such an opportunity generally offers a flexible schedule. Some work for agencies and others prefer freelancing.

The responsibilities include cleaning, dusting, organizing, and working with various surfaces.

Courier/Delivery Driver

Another industry open to beginners is logistics and transportation. Adults with a driving license can work as drivers. Often, the duties also include loading and unloading the vehicle. Some work with trucks, and some operate smaller vehicles.

Also, a lot of young people choose to work as couriers for various services or companies, for example, via on-demand delivery applications like UberEats.

Landscape Worker

The beginner’s jobs in landscaping do not usually demand prior experience. The duties may include mowing grass, maintaining greenery, and planting.

The majority of employees work with senior colleagues, like landscape designers. The position requires decent physical activity but offers professional growth prospects.

In Summary

Every career starts somewhere, most likely at an entry-level position. If you have no specific skills or prior employment history, there are still many good opportunities to get a job and start your career path.

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