Money Manage Your Way To Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

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There are too many reasons to list why becoming a stay at home mom (or dad) is a great choice to make, but let’s take a shot at a few! 

  • It means you don’t miss your kids’ milestones, and your children get to spend valuable time with the person they love the most.
  • You don’t have to fork out for expenses on travelling to and from work, uniforms and lunches.
  • Also, it means you have some freedom and flexibility to organise your day how you see fit without a strict working regime.


Everyone has their own personal reasons why they want to stay at home with the children, but the main thing we want to talk about today is how we can manage our money to get to this position. For tips on how to meet your stay at home mom goal successfully without the financial pressure of eventually needing to return to work, here are some tips to make your dream a reality.


House Payments

The most significant payment you are most likely paying out at the moment is your mortgage, so let’s tackle this area first. Providing you’ve worked out your outgoings and how much you’ll need to cover your current expenses, you should have an idea whether or not your mortgage loan is hindering your wish of staying at home. If your payment is high, you may want to consider; changing your mortgage plan, spreading the payments over an extended period, or switching your product to a lower interest rate. Last of all, if with the adjustments your house payment is still proving to be a bit too much, you could consider downsizing to a cheaper home.


Free activities

Take a look at your local government website, Facebook and popular parenting sites to find what there is to do in and around your area for free! Sometimes it could be a local fair, a parenting group, or a library club. But of course, you’re not limited to what groups and activities are organised by others, because you can plan your own free family days with the kids! Such as a walk through the woods, a picnic in the park, you could visit relatives, or create your own arts and crafts at home. Planning free activities will not only keep you and the children happy and entertained, but it will also give you some fun things to look forward to that won’t affect your bank balance.


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Meal Plan 

A meal plan is essential for anyone hoping to cut down their budget and become a stay at home mom. And for more reasons than just saving money, it will also save you time thinking about what to prepare and cook three times a day, plus it prevents wasting food due to excessive/impulse purchases. To start making a financially responsible food budget, take a look at what you have to use up in your cupboards already, and then add to your shopping list what you need to make meals for the next week, or even two weeks! Sticking to a reasonable food shopping budget each week will reduce monthly outgoings.


After you’ve cut down these expenses, your hope of becoming a stay at home mom will become more achievable. You may even have money left over for a few treats for your family each month!

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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