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The purpose of the no makeup makeup look is to subtly enhance and highlight your best features. Others may think you aren’t wearing makeup because all they see is a beautiful, natural healthy glow. Achieving this look may be a little trickier than you imagine, as it requires using the right products and techniques to pull it off. Here are some easy steps that will help you to nail the look.

Go easy on the eyes

Healthy, glowing skin is the foundation of the no makeup makeup look. With the focus on your skin, heavy makeup is not necessary. You don’t want any bold makeup on your eyes – glittery eyeshadow, loads of mascara and winged eyeliner are a definite no-no.

Going for natural-looking eyelash extensions may be the answer. Natural eyelash extensions mimic the natural length pattern of your lashes and give a subtle, light look with a hint of roundness. The length distribution and overall shape of eyelash extensions can have a huge impact on your overall look. You can check different lash extension styles and buy the best on popular sites like Lilac St, Eyelure, Lankiz, Trish McEvoy, etc.

Do Brow Lamination

For busy women finding that flawless look often involves perfecting the eyebrows, a central feature of facial beauty. Brow lamination is a game-changer compared to traditional methods like pencils or gels, offering a more natural, fuller appearance that lasts for weeks. Unlike the temporary fixes provided by pencils and gels, which can smudge or wear off during an overwhelming day, lamination shapes and sets brows in place with a semi-permanent finish. For newcomers eager to achieve this polished look from the comfort of home, there are products such as a brow lamination kit for beginners that provide the necessary tools and solutions, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. Overall, by creating beautiful brows, individuals can significantly enhance their facial features, ensuring a groomed and polished appearance with minimal daily effort. 

Prepare your skin

When you have fresh, hydrated skin, it stops your makeup from looking too cake-y. After cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin, go in with a primer. It will even out the texture of your skin by dealing with tiny creases, flaky patches and large pores. This means your skin becomes a smooth canvas to work on. Using a primer helps your makeup to adhere to your face for hours longer.

There are many different types of primer and the one you use will depend on your skin type. Some people swear by using a silicone-based primer which makes your face feel silky smooth and creates a protective shield that traps moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.

Skip foundation or use a lightweight one

Some experts suggest skipping foundation if you want a natural look. If you want to use foundation, you must use the right one for a natural look. Steer away from a thick, heavy foundation that people can easily see when they look at your face.

Go for a lightweight foundation and apply it lightly. Experts usually recommend that it should be about two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. If you use a darker tone than your skin tone, it will stand out and could appear far from natural.

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Conceal correctly

A concealer can cover up blemishes, dark circles under your eyes and redness. Just like your foundation, you need to use the right shade of concealer that’s a match to your skin tone. Use a small, flat brush to apply the concealer to cover redness and blemishes. For the dark circles under your eyes, apply a small amount of concealer with your fingers and blend it in for a natural effect.

When you are going for the no-makeup look, you should use your fingers wherever possible to blend in the product. The warmth of your skin allows it to sink into the skin and create a soft effect.

Make your face glow

Don’t use sparkly highlighters if you want a natural look. However, adding a liquid highlighter to the high points of your face, such as the top of your cheekbones, is the best way to add a glow to your complexion. You can even mix a highlighter with your primer for a really dewy look.

Create a frame for your face with your brows

When going for a natural look, your brows can make or break the look because they frame your face. Cleaning them up and getting rid of any stray hairs is a start. Use a brow gel to brush your brows upwards and keep the hairs in place. If your brows are a little sparse, you can make them look fuller by using a brow pencil to create soft, feathery, hair-like strokes.

Your lips but better

The last step is to color your lips. You can use cream lipstick in color as close to the natural shade of your lips as possible. Otherwise, a lip balm will hydrate your lips and add some sheen. You can go for a lip balm with a tint to add a hint of color to your lips. 

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