Nursing Box Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Entertained

nursing box ideas
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Preparing to bring a new arrival home from hospital is an important task and one area I have been thinking about is something that will help to make Jake feel included and entertained whilst I am nursing his baby brother; a nursing box. This will be a special box that he can go to at any time for when he is feeling bored or possibly left out and will keep him happily occupied whilst I am otherwise engaged. I know he will have a good understanding at his age but it will all still be very strange and new to him and as he has been the only child for 4 years I want him to feel as though his needs are also being thought about.

So, I have had a little hunt around on the internet to find items that will suit his needs and these are what have grabbed my attention and are going on my wishlist.


This gorgeous personalised wooden crate box is available at PlantaBox for £44. You can select the colour, the wording, the font and the text colour. I also love the fact it is on wheels so he can move it to wherever we are in the room and be near us whilst I feed.

personalised toy box


I want to include a mixture of activities for him to be able to do and this Orchard Toys Big Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle from Amazon at £7.27 is right up his street. He has recently started to enjoy quietly making puzzles so this should keep him busy for a little while!

dinosaur puzzle

We also recently bought him a pack of snap cards and he is a whizz at it! He beats us most of the time and his memory is proving to be amazing. I think he could do with more of these to stimulate his mind and this The Gruffalo Mini Memory Game at £3.99 would be great.

gruffalo game



I have a train mad boy and we have both a wooden train track and an electric one. He is also Thomas mad and one of his favourite characters is from The Magic Railroad movie, Diesel 10. He has decided that one isn’t enough and wants another to go on his wooden track. Now these trains are not cheap and he has done well for his collection so far but I know a new diesel 10 will make his day so I will definitely be getting him one to go into his special box.

diesel 10

I love wooden toys, they are well made so last much longer than plastic ones and they also look and feel much better. With the new Paddington film out I was drawn to these Paddington Skittles for £14.99. They are just so adorable and they will bring plenty of fun!

paddington skittles

Boys will be boys… well mine certainly is and he is now recognising superheroes such as Spiderman. He is also car crazy so this Spiderman Remote Control Car will go down a treat!

spiderman remote control car



One area Jake has been showing a real interest just recently is telling the time. He often asks us what the time is now, what the numbers say and he is eager to learn which is why this Clever Kidz Teaching Clock £3.84 would be a good addition to his special box. He would be able to sit and move the hands and ask me questions about it all at the same time.

clever clock

This Alex Toys Early Learning Ready Set School Little Hands will be perfect to keep him occupied for a while. I love the fact it has different bits and bobs inside but it can all go back in there once he is done.

school set

As Jake is a very active boy and he likes learning through play, fun and activities I have found this fun Explorer Kit over at Wicked Uncle for £21.95. It would be easy for him to get out and role play in the house whilst I am breastfeeding but then we could go exploring in the woods after and put it to proper use.

explorer kit

*update- read our review of this here.


As Jake is going to be starting school next year we are trying to get him into books and beginning to get him to recognise letters, numbers and his name. We have recently joined the library and his pre-school now do a book take home every Wednesday. He can pick out his name which we are really pleased with so reading new words will be the next step. I love this personalised encyclopedia from Born Gifted for £12.99.

kids encyclopedia

Jake already has a good selection of books in his room so I think I will choose different ones each week to alternate but you can view our top ten favourite books in this post here.

I think a good selection of colouring books, sticker and activity books will also be needed. I will also add some colouring pencils and plain paper so he can get a little creative if he wishes.

The Works is a great shop for picking up little treasures and just recently we found tiny fidget spinners which are just the right size for his hands and they spin like crazy! Having a selection of small items will mean that he can sit and play with whatever takes his fancy that day and give him enough options to select from.

Is there anything else that you would add?

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