Our Bodies Know How To Test Us!

woman bent over as in a pain

Sometimes our bodies are kind to us, sometimes they just know how to test us. For example ladies, all of those times where you have a date on the weekend, or you have the perfect girls night out planned, and boom!! Your skin breaks out in spots like never before. As minor as this may be, it definitely does leave us cursing our bodies. But as we say, that’s just a minor event compared to the trouble our bodies really can put us through from time to time. Which is why we think that it’s important you know how your body can test you, and how you can withstand such tests. Now is the time of year where you definitely don’t want your body to test you as well. As much as possible, you should try and ensure that you’re in full health all of the time! Here are some of the tops ways we think our bodies test us, and how you can deal with it asap so that you don’t feel like your life is over!



Pain Like No Other

Pain is something we’re definitely not built to deal with. But pain comes and goes throughout our lives for many different reasons. Does this make it easier? No, it most definitely doesn’t. But one pain we’re definitely not built to deal with, but luckily it doesn’t come round too often, is a toothache. You can all admit that it is by far one of the worst pains in the world. It’s like your whole world stops because you have this throbbing pain from inside your mouth. Emergency dentists are going to become your best friend through this, so don’t try and wait for a normal dentist appointment. The worst thing is, that a problem with your mouth is usually going to be expensive to fix. It’s not like a backache where a few days rest and some painkillers are going to solve the problem, there’s usually something nasty going on in there that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to sort out!


The Dreaded Flu

So, there’s a big difference between a cold and the flu. A cold is a sniffly nose, your ears become muffled, your throat sore, and you generally just feel drained. Flu is all of this, magnified to a whole new level with more symptoms to batter your body. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to get the flu jab. It will protect you against having it in the first place. If you do get it, don’t move from bed. It’s not one of those where being active will help. You have to drink plenty, eat minimally, and stay wrapped up in bed until it passes. It will feel like the plague but treat your body right and it will pass!


Our Minds Playing Tricks

Sometimes it’s not our physical health that can be affected. Sometimes we’re just under so much stress in life that our minds become depressed or anxious all of the time. If you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, just stop. Take some time off work, relax, and learn how to be yourself again. Overloading your life overloads your mind, and it can easily be stopped!


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