Our Gender Reveal!

the gender reveal

If you have been following my blog you would have noticed a few *ahem* posts about me being pregnant. The last significant one being about why we were choosing to find out the sex of our baby. So, today was the day…

Finding Out

I was so nervous as we drove to the hospital, which is strange because I wasn’t expecting to feel this way. When we found out the gender with Jake we had been convinced that the baby was a girl. It’s daft how you can build up an idea like that in your mind because really there isn’t anything you can go on, especially with your first. We were a bit shell shocked when the sonographer said that it was very clear that he was a boy but it didn’t take long for our heads to catch up and we wouldn’t have a crazy little scamp any other way!

This time around my pregnancy has been very different. I have been physically sick, whereas I wasn’t with Jake, I have gone off foods and not got the taste back for them and I’ve filled out more quickly than the first time. So, with all of this in mind, I have had an inkling that it may be a girl…

BUT the baby has been very active just as Jake always was and I felt kicks from both early on. I am also carrying in a similar way so I have become torn the last few weeks.

me holding my pregnant bump stood outside


And I think this is where the nerves came in. I was so excited to find out but nervous that I may get a little girl and have one of each or that I may have another energetic little lad on my hands! I knew, either way, we would all be happy but it’s still one of those gender reveals that gives you a few butterflies.

my husband and me with him touching my bump


The Gender Reveal

So, the Reed’s will be welcoming…

A baby boy around the 16th January 2018!


a scan picture


Jake is overwhelmed and went on a hyperactive craze for about an hour. He is very excited about becoming a big brother and even more so that he will have another little boy to play with.


Now to think about names… I think Megan is out the window now! Any ideas for us?

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8 thoughts on “Our Gender Reveal!

  1. When I was expecting my first child with my second husband, we already had 3 boys between us the person going the scan said that we were going to have a girl this time, then immediately changed his mind, I think that if I had continued my pregnancy thinking that it vewas a girl I would have been disappointed when my son was born, but we were all delighted

  2. Ah congratulation lovey, so very exciting! No doubt Jake will make an awesome big brother and I am not surprised he was made up to be having a little brother. It’s funny I felt totally different with my second pregnancy and therefore thought I was having a boy, my first being a girl, and I was right! I know some people say it’s tosh but for me the signs literally felt like they were there. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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