Outdoor Path Tips: 8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Garden Walkway

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Whether you are a homeowner searching for how to rejuvenate your garden space with a walkway or just need to add functionality and access within the area, there are many ways you can do so. You don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for practicality when choosing a pathway.

Below we have listed 8 ways you can create a beautiful garden walkway for your home:


A hugely popular design used for garden walkways is a herringbone pattern. Herringbone can be completed with multiple materials, such as wood and composite, placed in a diagonal position interlinked with the opposing boards. This beautiful design is a great way to incorporate an eye-catching aesthetic within your walkway. With this design, you can utilise various different colours to suit your surrounding environment and even different shades of boards.

Picture framing

Probably the most common way homeowners choose to create a walkway is by using a picture frame design. Picture framing involves bordering your walkway with alternatively positioned boards. Whether you have laid down wooden boards or composite, you can easily picture frame your walkway yourself or hire a professional to complete the job for you. Additionally, you can choose a contrasting colour to border your pathway to add more aesthetic value to your path.


A simple way to create a beautiful walkway is by adding lighting to brighten the space. There are various ways you can utilise lighting; one option is to have lighting within the border of your pathway in spotlights leading up the pathway. If you add warm lighting, it will make your space more homely and comfortable, whereas if you add cool lighting, it will create a more modern atmosphere within your outdoor space. Not only will adding lighting provide functionality, meaning you can use your walkway day and night safely, but it will give your space a more beautiful appearance too.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones are a rustic and fun alternative to normal block paving pathways, adding character to your garden and practicality. The great thing about choosing stepping stones is that you can adapt the pattern to your personal preference and alter the stones to match your surrounding environment. You can choose different colour stones or different styles of stones in various shapes and materials to complement your area.


Utilising smaller stones or gravel to create a pathway or even between larger paving stones will make a beautiful garden path that can lead up toward a seating area from your house or decking area. You can choose smaller stones of various colours and shades that will complement your garden space. They are easy to install and usually a cheaper option than other materials, making them a great option for homeowners on a budget.

Decking boards

Another way to create a beautiful outdoor path is to use G&B Quality Cedar Products standard decking boards. It can be utilized in same way as paving flags or stepping stones. You can either get leftovers from a traditional timber or nice-looking composite decking board product to lessen wastage and create a beautiful path. Not only will using the material you already have ensure a cheaper project, but it is also better for the environment, as it prevent the boards from being destroyed or burnt and negatively affecting the atmosphere.

Wooden boardwalk

 If you are looking for a rustic and coastal-style pathway in your garden, you may want to opt for a wooden board walkway, as you would find on a beach. You can even add pebbles around the wooden boards to add to the relaxed aesthetic and create a relaxed living space. Reclaimed timber boards are usually a cheaper option than other materials, meaning you can complete this project on a budget. You can even choose to treat the wood with stains to make it last longer and alter its colour.


If you have a sloped or raised garden and want a pathway, you can incorporate steps into your path to add not only practicality but aesthetics. Steps leading toward a raised seating area create a beautiful and modern appearance within your space. Steps can be created using bricks or even wooden or composite boards. Trims can cover the edges of your decking boards to ensure safety and provide a more finished look to your steps.

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