Private School vs. Homeschool: Which is Best?

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Depending on what your child’s needs are and where you live, the public school system might not be the best choice for you. Suppose you’ve already decided that you want an alternative to sending your child to a public school. In that case, you have two options – a private school or homeschooling.

Because these two options differ so dramatically, you’ll need to evaluate each to decide how to move forward with your child’s education. Because homeschooling and private schooling have their own advantages and disadvantages, you’ll need to know the critical differences between them to make an informed decision. Let’s look at private school vs home school…

Private School

Many parents are unhappy with the public school system and decide to send their children to a private school. Most parents opt for private schools because they offer a comprehensive curriculum that’s usually more advanced than those taught in public schools.

While private schools usually have a similar curriculum, they may differ in class size and what extracurricular activities they offer. The best way to research a private school and explore your child’s options is to search for “private schools near me” online.

Private schools have more resources than public schools. More resources mean they can invest more in their teachers, access the latest technology, and embrace more modern teaching methods. Because private schools are funded by higher tuition fees, they can offer a higher student-teacher ratio – which means your child can enjoy a more personal learning experience.

While private schools have distinct advantages, their tuition fees aren’t affordable for everyone. Sending your child to a private school can cost around the same as a college education.


Parents choose to homeschool their children for different reasons. Some parents are unhappy with traditional school culture and bullying, while others opt to homeschool their children for religious reasons.

There are three main advantages to homeschooling: cost, control over the curriculum, and personalized teaching. The cost to homeschool your child is only the materials and setup required to teach them the curriculum mandated by homeschool state law.

Because you are in control of how you teach your child, you can adapt your teaching style to suit their needs and give them valuable one-on-one time. Homeschooling is a good option if your child struggles with dysgraphia, dyslexia, or any other learning difficulty.

A significant disadvantage of homeschooling is that you have to dedicate a lot of time to teach your child. You’ll have to teach for up to six hours a day, which can be impossible if you have to work and your family relies on a two-parent income.

The Bottom Line

While private school is a good option if you’re disillusioned with the public school system, it comes at a higher cost than public school or homeschooling.

Although homeschooling might be a better option if you want your child to have more individual attention, it may not be suitable for you if your lack the time or your finances require a two-parent income.

At the end of the day, there is no “better” choice – depending on your circumstances, either a private school or homeschool education can be the best choice for you and your child.

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