Reasons to Select Quality Wooden Toys for Your Child

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Toys are without a doubt special in the life of every child. They also help them form special memories and experiences. While toys are fun for your child, picking out the wrong ones can actually prove harmful to them. Furthermore, spending long hours in front of tablets and smartphones has a negative impact on the learning and development of your child. This is where wooden toys come in! Quality wooden toys are not only sustainable, durable and appealing; they are also great for the learning and development of your child. Here are the five major reasons why you should choose wooden toys for your child instead of letting your child play with electronics:

1.     Eco-Friendly

Quality wooden toys are eco-friendly. These toys do not hugely contribute towards deforestation as they are usually sustainably sourced, they are often reused and passed down and they are timeless. This is what makes them a far safer option for the environment. In comparison, plastic toys are not biodegradable, are often a fad and break easily which means they usually end up in landfill very quickly.

2.     Durable and High Quality

Wood is mostly a resilient and durable material which means it has a longer life. Wooden toys don’t shatter or break easily even when your child throws them and if they do, the wood can be simply repaired. Children do have the tendency to throw things which increases the risk of destroying your electronics. Quality wooden toys are mostly handmade and the fine craftsmanship makes sure that the finished toy is to a high standard making it safe and decreasing the risk of injury.

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3.     Non-Toxic and No Harmful Rays

The more screen time your child has with tablets and smartphones, the more likely they are to suffer from weak eyesight and even lower brain development. Yes, these devices do have their place when it comes to education but we should all be looking to limit the hours spent where we can. Furthermore, these electronics are made from plastic which leaches chemicals like phthalates which is toxic and since children have the habit of putting things in their mouth, they are at a higher risk of consuming harmful materials. Quality wooden toys are non-toxic as they are natural, making them safer for your child to play with them.

4.     Speeds Up Development of Cognitive Functions

Quality wooden toys are a great source of learning and development for children. These toys are open-ended which encourages children to use their imagination and develop numerous skills. Wooden toys enable them to learn motor skills, reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and so much more. They instil a sense of mastery and control in the children as they transform into active creators as they play with these toys. Children get more involved when playing with wooden toys as they physically interact with them by connecting, turning, pulling or pushing the toys manually.

Good quality wooden toys are a symbol of refinement, authenticity, and timelessness and provide a visual appeal due to their classic minimal design. Best of all wooden toys are a fine source of learning and development of children as compared to electronic gadgets. Investing in high-quality wooden toys can be a great learning and fun experience for your children.

What reasons do you have for choosing wooden toys?

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