Review: Creating Memories with Photowall

creating memories with photowall

With William arriving prematurely, it has been a very different experience to what it is usually would be when you have a baby. One of the most notable differences is not being able to create beautiful, memorable photos from the moment they are born. Of course, photos can be taken in NICU but they aren’t ones you would want to put up around the house, are they? It is amazing to watch your baby’s progress and to document it via pictures but I was longing to be able to take a stunning photo of my boys together at last.

When Photowall contacted me to review one of their products I just knew that this was my opportunity to create a beautiful canvas for my home. It couldn’t have come at a better time really because I had just snapped this perfect image, which, if you have kids, you will know doesn’t happen very often! 

photo of a baby and a bot laying down holding hands


I uploaded this to Photowall’s website and followed their instructions on how to produce a custom canvas – they also offer custom wall murals or ready-made canvasses and murals. Now, I was very wary that I had taken this photo on my phone and know that the quality isn’t always as good as it is with a camera once the image goes to print or is blown up. I didn’t want to go ahead and order my masterpiece only to find it was pixelated so I took advantage of Photowall’s personal assistance service and sent an email to get their expert opinion. As it turned out, my original size idea wasn’t right for the photo so I was glad I’d double checked with them. Thankfully, the image was of a good enough quality to be used so I just needed to work out what size canvas would work. Luckily, my personal assistant Rusty had the know-how and he cropped and re-sized the original upload to show me how it could work in different sizes (you can work in either cm or inches and the price is dependent on this). Once I decided on one he popped everything I needed straight onto the website so all I had to do was select whether or not I wanted a frame and which edge I preferred and hit the order button. All very easy when you have the extra help.

Once the package arrived I was a bit surprised to see that it wasn’t actually assembled. Now, it turns out that this is stated under the product information tab which I had failed to click on and read. It wasn’t a biggie though because it was all very simple to do and the instructions were provided… which I did read!

photo canvas with non-assembled frame


I started by lining up the 100% cotton canvas to the frame. The canvas comes with self-adhesive edges which allows for easy attachment. Once this is completed you can hold the frame in place by screwing the metal supports onto each corner and all of this can be done by hand so there’s no need to get your tool kit out!


Once you are happy that the canvas is tightly secured it is ready to be hung with the wall fixings which are also provided.


canvas image of baby and boy


I am so happy with my beautiful canvas and it means so much to be able to celebrate the birth of our little man and his homecoming. Both my boys exactly where they are meant to be, at home with me.


Em xx


*I was gifted this product in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.


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