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eco rascals bamboo owl plate and cup with a child's hand on the table
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When it comes to children’s dinner sets, trying to find more eco-friendly options has been quite tricky in the past. This is mainly due to the fact that plastic is perfect in preventing accidents or breakages and it is usually very durable. However, once they have been used, once they crack or are no longer required, they will more often than not end up in landfill as there isn’t another option for them. It’s something I’ve had a love-hate relationship with but I am now so happy that there are more products available to us. Products like the bamboo tableware from Eco Rascals.


About Eco Rascals

Eco Rascals is an eco-friendly kids tableware company which has been created by two Mums, Kristina and Celeidh after they decided that they wanted to be able to help towards a world with less plastic.

“Sharing a deep passion to reduce the use of plastic, we are committed to bringing you plastic free products that you and your children will love. Our first range of products are made of organic bamboo and food grade silicone”

Eco Rascals Website

Not only is bamboo a sustainable material, but it is also long-lasting, can be used in a multitude of ways and can be easily cleaned making it a great choice for serving up children’s food on. Launched in 2018, Eco Rascals have worked hard to bring something fun and stylish but to also provide products that will help to secure the future of our planet for our little people which is why I was more than happy to review some of their gorgeous items.


The Products

We were kindly sent 2 fun dishes– the owl (£17.90) and the snail (£14.90) bamboo and suction plate sets– and a bamboo toddler cup with bamboo straws and silicone lid (£9.90).

the snail, owl and bamboo cup and straws


What I first loved about these products were the sectioned areas. My first child, Jake, was the fussiest of eaters and it was always such a battle at mealtimes. One day somebody asked me if I had ever considered a plate with sections as these help the child to look at their food in a different and often fun way. I couldn’t imagine how changing his plate would work but I went with it and was left gobsmacked as he sat and happily ate what I had made. He loved the fact that each food had it’s own area to sit in and it even had a place for his ketchup too! Thankfully my second child hasn’t been so challenging when it comes to food but still, he much prefers his meals on a sectioned plate which was why I knew these bamboo plates would be a huge hit with all of us. On top of this, the plates also have a super suction base on the bottom to help to prevent any little people knocking them off the table or high chair. This can be removed as your child gets older too.

When I took a look at Eco Rascal’s Instagram page I was amazed by their gorgeous meals, the fun layouts and the creativity that can be brought at all meals. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person in the kitchen but even so, the plates made me want to try things out!

The bamboo cup is solid and sturdy and comes with 2 bamboo straws as well as a silicone lid which can be easily applied over the top to help to prevent accidents. The cup is spill-proof but not leakproof which means it will spill a little fluid if it is knocked over but will not pour and will mostly keep all of the liquid in.


Eco Rascals Review

As soon as the kids laid their eyes on the tableware, they couldn’t wait to have their first meal on them. The idea was that they were for the youngest but the biggest didn’t want to be left out so I made their lunches and they went down a treat!

the boys lunches in the eco rascals bamboo plates with the cup and straw


Even though the snail is a smaller plate, I could still get plenty on there. The owl is much larger in size and has 3 good sized sections which makes it perfect for a picky lunchtime meal.

fruit and sandwiches in the owl plate


The next day, William had his breakfast in the snail plate and I tried with a bit of creativity… (I may need a bit more practise!)

the snail plate with porridge, grapes and raisins

He was overjoyed with this and ate his porridge up really well. Even sitting on the sofa, he didn’t make a mess due to how sturdy the plate is and how easy it is for him to hold.


At lunchtime, both boys sat back at the table…

William's hand on the table with the owl plate with food and his cup

And this gave me the perfect opportunity to show you the best suction base I have ever seen on a child’s plate/bowl.

the pink suction oart of the owl plate

With a slight push down, this silicone suction base sticks to the surface and does not shift! This is an oak table and I also tried it on the worktops, on a plastic surface as well as the floor (by accident when I opened it!) There was no way a little toddler hand could move this bamboo plate.

William's hand on the owl bamboo plate


All plates available from Eco Rascals come in a variety of colours. We received pink in the owl and green in the snail.

the green suction base on the snail bamboo plate

“Detachable silicone suction bases are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, free of plastic, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates”

Eco Rascals


The bamboo cup has been the biggest hit in our household. William is very insistent that it is only his and that all drinks now go into it! We have used it with and without the silicone lid as well as with and without a straw and all variations work well.

william eating and having his drink


During this lunchtime, however, my toddler proved precisely why it can be essential to have the silicone lid on!

the bambbo cup knocked over

As you can see, some of the drink dripped out from the straw and the hole in the lid but the rest was contained… Phew! The cup is designed for 18 month olds up to 5 year olds and the lid is also available in other colours.



Being bamboo, all products need to be washed in warm soapy water and left to air dry. They aren’t suitable for the microwave, oven, freezer or dishwasher as these will gradually weaken the materials. I have found all of them very easy to clean, even after the porridge residue was left sitting in the bamboo plate all day before being washed up. They dry quite quickly and haven’t shown any wear or tear since reviewing them.


Overall Thoughts

The bamboo tableware from Eco Rascals gets a big thumbs up from us and I have already spotted a car shaped plate which I think William will love too! If you are after a long-lasting, hardwearing, sustainable plate, cup, bowl or cutlery then go and check out all they have to offer over on their website.

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*We were sent these items to provide an honest review. As always all opinions are my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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