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man wearing the lazy bear lance navy backpack in the forest
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One of the most important aspects for an on the go, outdoorsy family like us is ensuring that we always have everything we need. That unfortunately usually results in us taking 2 or 3 different sized bags out with us each time due to the fact that we don’t a bag that can hold it all. This has been such a hassle because, as we all know, once you are out with kids you need to have easy access to items like spare clothes, nappies, wipes and snacks at all times and fiddling around with a variety of bags just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully, TrendHim have a fantastic range of men’s accessories, including a wide selection of bags. They contacted us to ask if we would like to review an item from their website and we opted for a Lazy Bear Lance Navy Backpack.


About The Lazy Bear Backpack

This ultra-large backpack is really versatile and could be used for many reasons– work day (large enough for a  15,4″ 36x25x2 cm laptop), a city day trip, a family day out, a trek, travel and so on. The classic outdoor adventure look with the dark navy colour and tan labels makes this bag extremely attractive without being over the top. It is made from polyester and faux leather, so although it isn’t made from natural materials which you would usually expect from my blog, it is going to be hardwearing and long-lasting which is extremely important to me when choosing a product like this. With 2 outer side pockets, 2 zipped compartments on the front, a large main compartment inside and another padded pocket for a laptop, the bag not only looks good but is also functional. The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted, the size can be altered by adjusting the other available clips, plus the main compartment can be closed inside using a drawstring and then securely shut outside using the 2 large clips.

the lazy bear lance navy backpack being worn

And as for the measurements? Well, you really wouldn’t realise it was this big:

Length: 31cm
Height: 50cm
Width: 20cm

That is until you really put it to your review test…


First Thoughts

My first thoughts were how can I show you how big this bag is via a blog post? This was answered when a little helper stepped forward.

the lazy bear lance navy backpack

It’s the size of a toddler!!

toddler inside the lazy bear backpack

I hope that helps to put the size into perspective!


My other first impressions of this bag were that it is clearly very well made, it would fit all we would need and possibly more inside for our days’ out and the material was lovely and soft and not at all rigid.


Using The Lazy Bear Backpack

Not only are we outdoorsy people, we are also very eco which involves the use of reusable items including cloth nappies, wipes, water bottles and picnic items. We are very much all about not leaving our mark when we visit somewhere which means everything we take comes back home with us. Due to this fact, the backpack had its work cut out with all that I planned on taking out on our day out to Alice Holt Forest. I will reveal what was in there in a moment but for now, I can tell you that we got it all in!

Let’s start with how it performed during the first part of our day…

As it is such a large backpack and as the review was for my husband, I let him take the lead on carrying it, using it and providing me with feedback.

man wearing the backpack in the woods


The straps on the backpack were easily moved up and down in order to gain the right fit for Rob’s back. Most bags are quite tricky when you want to alter the strap sizes but these slid with complete ease. The next really important factor is that the straps are wide and well-padded, providing plenty of support and enabling weight distribution. Even though the bag was full to the brim, Rob said it wasn’t at all noticeable. He wore it walking through the woods, playing with the children, collecting sticks for den building, climbing across a log to get from one side of the forest to another, as well as helping the kids across.

Dad helping toddler across the logs

And as you can see, we also found a handy place for the picnic rug to be carried in. None of this got in his way, the bag didn’t shift, it didn’t become cumbersome; he also didn’t once have to stop to take it off. The only problem we came across was that a reusable wipe had been placed in the inside pocket and the damp seeped through to Rob’s back. So there isn’t a waterproof layer present there which is something to bear in mind when you are packing your items and reusable water bottles (check those lids!)

Dad helping two kids across a log in the forest


How Much Can You Fit Inside?

We often over-prepare for a day out because we never want to be caught out.

the outside of the bag

We used all available areas to make sure that everything fit in comfortably. There are 2 side pockets which are perfect for carrying drinks bottles or easy to grab snacks. As you can see below, all of our belongings are tucked in nicely.

looking down on the bag to see what was inside


And this is what was actually in there…

the full contents of the bag laid out on the grass

We had a full picnic bag with coolers inside, 3 water bottles, a changing mat, 2 wet bags, 3 reusable nappies, a bag of wet wipes, a change of clothes for the smallest, suncream, paracetamol, car keys, mobile phones, plus the picnic blanket. I was amazed at us squeezing all of this in but also really impressed because it means we now have a great sized bag for every future trip we take.


My Review

After our picnic, I thought it was only right that I gave the bag a whirl to see if somebody my size could also comfortably wear it (I am quite a bit shorter than Rob). I lifted the bag and placed it on my back and was immediately surprised at how lightweight it felt. I pulled on the straps to readjust them to my size and I immediately completely understood what Rob meant about the straps being padded and how this helped to distribute the weight. I’m not usually good with wearing bags due to having back and shoulder issues but the Lazy Bear Lance Navy Backpack felt very comfortable. We walked back up the forest path to see a little more and the bag didn’t bother me at all.

me wearing the lazy bear lance navy backpack

me wearing the backpack stood with william

me and william by the squirrel statue

As you can see, it doesn’t look too big for my body and it sits nicely against my back. I just love how sturdy it is.


Other Uses

As you know, I always put all of my review items through their paces and we have since used the bag for a trip to the beach, for a visit to my in-laws and for a couple more walks. It has continued to work really well for us, it is extremely handy and we will be taking it with us on our family holiday to Cornwall in a couple of weeks.


Overall Thoughts

This bag is stylish, useful, can hold so much inside of it, is perfect for family days’ out and is very comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend it. You can purchase the Lazy Bear Lance Navy Backpack for £59 on the TrendHim Website here.

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*We were sent the backpack in exchange for a full honest review. Opinions are all our own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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