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the scentered products for review

As a busy Mum of 2 very active boys, I find self-care to be one of the hardest things on my (long) list to squeeze into my week. I certainly think that going from a slower-paced life to a faster one after lockdown has been a bit of a shock to the system and I have felt as though I have burnt myself quite a bit. I know they say that you can’t pour from an empty cup which is why I am actively trying to make more time for me and one way I have been doing this is by trying out Scentered Aromatherapy Wellbeing Balms and Candles which were sent to me in both the De-stress and Sleep well scents for review.

About Scentered

Scentered is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created wellbeing products to help people to relax, channel their feelings, help with their mood and emotions all through the use of scent.

“Scentered was created to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers hungry for natural, portable aromatherapy and essential oil solutions to help them mindfully transition their moods, thoughts and emotions from moment to moment on demand throughout their everyday journey”


Scentered’s aromatherapy products are all plant-based and uniquely blended from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. When applied to your pulse points (temples, neck and wrists), the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst their candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting.

Scentered are also very eco-conscious and show this by ensuring that they are doing their best to minimise their carbon footprint, by creating their blends here in the UK, by using natural ingredients as well as recyclable and reusable packaging.

Scentered Review

First Impressions

As an eco-conscious person, my first thoughts often go to the packaging and Scentered did not disappoint. The products arrived in a cardboard box with paper tape and each product also in cardboard. I love the touch of having eco-tips on the bottom of the box to help the customer make good choices about using or disposing of the packaging. You can read more about their sustainability practices here.

The Aromatherapy Balms

I was sent 2 aromatherapy balms, the sleep well and the de-stress, both of which smell absolutely amazing! As mentioned above, the balms can be applied to your pulse points and also inhaled to take their desired effect. The balms come in a refillable cardboard tube and you simply twist it up to use just like you would a lip balm. It is a shame there is the use of plastic here but as we all know, it can be tricky to eliminate plastics in all circumstances and this helps to keep the balm clean as well as aids the movement of the balm within the packaging (cardboard can become sticky with residue and clog up meaning the product wouldn’t be able to be used). This product at least has tried to reduce where it can.

They are lovely and compact which means you can easily carry them in your pocket or bag and use them as and when required. They are also refillable so once these run out you can purchase a refill container from their website and reuse the outer packaging.

me holding the 2 scentered balms in the palm of my hand with the lids off to show the balms sticking out

Sleep Well –  Scentered say: “This lavender blend harnesses the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood, and balances them with Bois de Rose and Geranium. The Patchouli, Clove and Ylang Ylang heart brings a modern oriental twist.”

Sleep well is ideal if you struggle to get off to sleep, if you want a deeper sleep, if you are a little anxious or if you are jet-lagged. Having 2 young children, sleep isn’t something we get a lot of and typically if they do sleep well, I don’t tend to because I am always anticipating one of them! The sleep well balm has helped both myself and my husband to relax a little bit more right before we go to bed. We have both been placing it on our temples and neck and I can definitely report back that we have felt so much better for it. I would describe the scent as gentle, not overpowering and very relaxing, almost like something you would smell when entering a spa. It instantly brings that relaxation feeling just from breathing in the blend and helps you to chill after a busy day.

**Full Ingredients: coco-caprylate/caprate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) cera, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, parfum (fragrance)**, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) cera, cera alba (beeswax), moringa oil/hydrogenated moringa oil esters, tocopherol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, limonene, geraniol, linalool, citral, eugenol, citronellol, benzyl benzoate, farnesol, benzyl salicylate, isoeugenol. **100% natural essential oil blend. Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

me applying the scentered balm to my temples

De-Stress – Scentered say: “Our remarkably soothing blend promotes relaxation, calmness, and relief from stress. It is the ideal Stress Relief Aid for those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, worry, jitters or regularly experience uneasiness or restlessness.”

De-stress, I mean when you are a parent this is something you are always looking to do, isn’t it? During or after a very busy/hectic day my stress levels can really increase and things that really help me to unwind are quiet, yoga, a bath and relaxation techniques. The de-stress balm has honestly been a tool that has helped me immensely and I will most definitely be continuing with using it. A quick application to my wrists and neck have worked wonders when I need a little help to unwind. The aroma is stronger than sleep well and more vibrant which just seems to instantly kick in – the blend of chamomile, neroli and mandarin work so well together.

**Contains: d-Limonene, Eucalyptol, beta-Pinene. May cause an allergic reaction. Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

me holding up the scentered de-stress balm

The Aromatherapy Candles

The candles have been designed to complement the balms and work in harmony to bring you, well, harmony! Packaged in cardboard outer with the candle itself being inside a glass jar, both can easily be reused for other things after use. Each therapeutic candle is made from a custom blend of natural waxes (sustainably sourced and non-GM) with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance.

the sleep well candle next to its boax and a succulent plant

I have been using these at home alongside my balms and I can honestly say that the beautiful aromas have filled the room I have been in and made the whole atmosphere change. The De-Stress candle has been a perfect addition to the bathroom, allowing me to relax in the water whilst enjoying the lovely scent. The Sleep Well has been used in the evening in our living room to help both of us to unwind before bed.

the de-stress candle in the bathroom next to the bath with 2 dark green candles

They are a perfect combination and ideal for anybody who is looking for a natural way to chill out at the end of a long, busy day.

Sleep Well Candle Information:

**Contains: Geraniol, d-Limonene, Citral, Eugenol, Geranyl acetate, beta-Pinene, I-Citronellol. May cause an allergic reaction.  Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

De-Stress Candle Information:

**Contains: d-Limonene, Eucalyptol, beta-Pinene. May cause an allergic reaction. Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

Overall Thoughts

The Scentered range ticks many boxes for me – they really work, they are eco-friendly, natural and great for your health. De-Stress and Sleep Well have been a fantastic combo to review because they tend to go hand in hand, don’t they? Stress can lead to sleepless nights and sleepless nights can certainly add to your stress so I really believe these have helped me so much because they’ve worked in conjunction with one another. I will most definitely be using both of these in the future.

The Scentered products all laid out on an oak work top to show what I was sent for review. There is a pink flower next to them too

More on Scentered

Scentered also has other mood products in their range including Focus, Love, Escape and Be Happy all of which are available in their balms, candles and also for skincare and hair care. You can view their full range on their website here.

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*This is a gifted and paid collaboration with Scentered. As always all opinions are honest and our own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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