Review: Teething Solutions with Amber Pumpkin

teething solutions with amber pumpkin

Teething has to be one of the worst parts of having a baby. It can begin from the moment they are born and last for three years, what other development stage lasts that long?! With the experience of having an early teether the first time around, I knew I would have my work cut out for me the second time around too. Four years have passed since Jake went through it all so I knew the teething remedy world would have moved on since then. So, I have been prepared. I have stocked up on the usual medicinal remedies and have been keeping my eye on the newest teether aids coming onto the market. And I was right, William is also an early teether, almost right on par with Jake and showing all the same early signs of chewing, gnawing, dribbling and screaming with pain. I just hope I can find a solution much faster this time and with the help of Amber Pumpkin I have already started.


Amber Pumpkin Review

We were sent the brand new Rooba, Boo the Bunny teether to try out and it arrived just in time! 

rooba bunny teething toy from Amber Pumpkin sent for review

Boo the Bunny is made from 100% natural rubber which has been constructed from one piece which means it is easy to clean, sterilise and will not hoard mould or bacteria. It is also incredibly soft which makes a nice change from the usual plastic teething toys you find. The main benefits of using rubber are that it is a sustainable material, non-toxic and biodegradable. At a time when plastic is coming under so much scrutiny and with people looking for alternatives, this is a perfect eco solution. 

Plastic teething toys also have other downsides. I have always found them to be far too hard for a baby to chew without causing more discomfort, they also don’t reach the areas where the baby needs them most. William has been finding comfort in chewing our fingers and for some reason, he wants them at the back rather than at the front where his first teeth will be appearing. I have found very few products on the market that can safely reach back to the molar area but due to the shape of the bunny, he can help with all areas. The handle may be perfect for the front of the mouth but we soon discovered that his ears can sit easily at an angle and be chewed exactly where William needs the relief. 

Boo the Bunny also has several textured areas which help to provide relief and soften the gums which is the main reason that babies chew so profusely. Anything that helps with this will make the cutting part that little more bearable.

You can see that our little guy is really suffering at the moment

The bunny does have a handle but as William is so young he isn’t yet able to hold it. Once he is, it will encourage his hand-eye coordination and he will also be able to provide his own entertainment. I think this will well-used over the coming months or years.

We have also been trying out Amber Pumpkin’s silicone teething ring. It is a strong, yet soft material which makes chewing bearable and the bright colours have certainly been helping with his development. These can also be placed in the fridge to cool once his teething pain becomes worse. He has really taken to chewing this toy which is amazing because so far I haven’t had much luck with any of the teethers I already owned. I think it is clear to see that teething toys are being developed to meet babies needs more and more.

silicone teething ring in a baby's mouth from Amber Pumpkin

Of course, the main product on Amber Pumpkin’s site is the Amber Jewellery itself and after seeing results from using an amber anklet when Jake’s molars were cutting, I decided to purchase one for William immediately. Amber is a natural product containing succinic acid, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. When worn against the skin it can reduce pain, dribbling, ease flushed cheeks and calm a teething baby. As this isn’t scientifically proven you only have parents’ words for this but I for one most definitely saw a change in Jake. I have opted for an anklet because it can be worn safely at night as well as in the day.

amber anklet from amber pumpkin for review

I love the fact that there is such a large range of designs and colours on Amber Pumpkin’s website which meant that I didn’t need to go with the traditional amber colour. How cute do these beads look on William?

With more knowledge on the teething stage than I had the first time around, I am hoping things will run a bit more smoothly and a little less painful and with these items we are making a good start.

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*I received Boo the Bunny in exchange for this Amber Pumpkin review. This in no way has affected my opinion which, as always, remains open and honest. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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Amber Pumpkin review

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2 thoughts on “Review: Teething Solutions with Amber Pumpkin

  1. I love Amber Pumpkin and was wondering what age the amber jewellery can be worn from as they can;t advertise it for babies. I wear 4 of their bracelets daily and my 5 year old daughter has 2. I am due a little boy next month so would love to get them both some amber. We are going for natural rubber too including a rubber dummy which looks interesting. Your baby is a cutie! Jaimi – x

    1. As far as I’m aware they are fine from birth as long as they are used safely. Necklaces shouldn’t be worn at night… which is why I chose an anklet because they are covered by a baby grow. I didn’t use one on my first son until he was 18 months I think it was and really wished I had bought one sooner. Unfortunately, none of these companies are allowed to promote it for teething purposes as it isn’t proven. We’ve had this anklet for a couple of weeks and William is now 18 weeks (although 8 weeks prem so should only be 10 weeks). Thank you, I’m definitely smitten with him!!

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